Curse the Beast

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

After our embrace, we suffer a curse. A beast is born inside of us, that drives us. Makes us hunt, to consume precious life. We live our unlives in an attempt to satiate it, to keep it from unleashing it’s worse impulses.

I have spent many nights fighting this beast, to keep it calm. I’ve watched brothers and sisters be consumed by the frenzy that a starved beast drives them to. The curse is nothing to be scoffed at, and upon experiencing that first frenzy we understand the horror of our new lives.

Curses weigh heavy on the soul, and when your soul is as damned as ours it is near unbearable to live with. But we defy it for we are creatures that strive to turn these curses into our own blessings.

No matter how dark the night may be, we push on with this cursed beast driving us, speaking to us. We come to understand what it takes to overcome it, to drive it down and to keep it under our control. We overcome it by becoming beasts ourselves. We give the beast a taste of what it desires, and it keeps quiet. We keep it from becoming more than a nagging drive to survive.

But every now and then, we use the Beast. We allow it to cut loose, to become monsters. We do this to defy even bigger curses that are out there, that threaten us.

When the wolves are at our gates, when the collectors and the baddest motherfuckers come hammering at the door, looking to cause chaos, we let our beasts out to show them who the real apex predators are. They bare witness to the Beasts we try to keep hidden and they crumble at the site of our truest forms.

Pandemonium is unleashed, and now I can show you what lies beneath.

I’ve kept my Beast locked away for months, to hide what I am. I’ve suffered the weight of the curse, but now a greater curse is presenting itself. The Pandemonium curse has thus far been unbreakable.

It’ll take a curse to break a curse, and I am more than happy to do it.

It’s time for OSW to see what I really am, to see what a blood hungry creature really is.

No more toymen, no more radios jockeys. It’s time for the night to claim it’s place.

You’ll see a beast inside that ring that has been starved, that is hungry. Like a Kindred who ignored it’s beast for too long, it’s time to frenzy and feast upon everyone in that ring.

Be ready, for a monster hungers for glory now and it hunts from the shadows, from the deepest fears.

In order to end the curse, I am unleashing mine upon everyone I see. Kindred and Kine alike, nobody will be safe from the horrors I’m ready to commit to claim a prize that has been long denied.

Welcome to the World of Darkness, Old School Wrestling.