Running a Train

In Promo by Tag

“You ever have a train ran on you?”

“Might seem weird to think about, right? The person getting railed by cock after fat cock has to be a bitch for getting fucked by everyone at a party.”

“But you’d be so god damn wrong, man.”

“When it comes to running a train, it’s easy to get in line and whip it out to pound that hole in front of you. You hump and pump and blow your load! Face all red and heart beating as you move out of the way and let the next dude in on the action.”

“You won, right? You blew your load?”

“Nah, you’re just another car in the train as the person getting it ran on them takes the whole party for all its worth.”

“If you’re man enough to get on all fours and let the world take a turn then you know how it feels. You get your poor hole used and abused by anyone and everyone.”

“But at the end of the night? After everyone’s had their turn?”

“You’re the only one left standing while every wannabe stud is panting on the ground, their balls empty and their minds fucking blown.”

“Pandemonium? Lambs to the Slaughter? I don’t know what that first word means, but you can be sure I know what a slaughterhouse that match is gonna be!”

“It’s gonna be just like those nights in the frat houses with everyone in OSW lining up for their shot at something amazing. Their looking for the tightest hole in the whole Slaughter-Frat-House for them to shove their dicks. The match is all about stamina, about longevity. Each and every one of them wants to pump their cock inside as quickly and powerfully as they can.”

“But you know what happens after their turn on the train?”

“They have to get off.”

“Once your balls are empty its someone else’s turn to start fucking while you watch from the sidelines. And unlike a real train, you don’t get a second chance to get hard once you’re out. You get pinned? You jizz too soon? You’re out for good while the train goes on without you.”

“But the thing is, a lot of people have the wrong idea about this match. They think you wanna be the last person in line, the last one to bust a fat nut into the hottie on the bed.”

“Nah, dude.”

“You wanna be the one taking dick.”

“And boys? My hole can take a pounding.”

“See, the guy who takes each stroke is gonna end up the one with the most pleasure and gets to leave the end of the night with a massive smile on his face.”

“Everyone in Lambs is gonna line up and I’ll take them one by one, load by load until each and everyone of them is red in the face, huffing and puffing on the ground with their dicks soft in their hands.”

“Cause at the end of the night? Only one of us is gonna be standing, a whole trail of softies left in his wake.”

“Now get ready, because this whole match is gonna get tagged and bagged.”