In Promo by SeeSaw

There’s a man on the highway, trying to find his wave through a cluster of traffic.

With each lane he switches, another car appears ahead of him.

It even looks like they might be slowing down – just enough to grab his attention.

Just enough for his insides to sizzle with rage.

There was a specific place that he had to be, but you just couldn’t give him any space.

And just as they let off a little bit, potentially leading to an opening where the off-ramp is in site – they cut him off. 

All the way to the side of the road – just so that I could watch all of you pass me by.

Just like, you did, Gable.

You know, I think about that man’s long road ahead of him and how frantic he was to take care of some business for a change, and then I see you, and Renault gunning him down just because… you can?

I was in my own lane, though. It was mine, because I declared it to be, so what makes the likes of you, Sir Gable, so special? Am I to obey to your disturbances while en-route to personal business of mine, because you decided to shove me aside to claim your victory before I was able to claim mine?

And… do you normally expect to get away with it?

Because the old man put his car back into drive and followed those rebels.

He followed them for quite a while actually.

And once the rebels reach a stopping point – occupied, basically out of mine – that’s when the old man returns for a little bit revenge that never needed to happen to begin with.

Brotherhood is a troubling thing though, isn’t it? It usually comes with an ignorant level of loyalty.

And sometimes, a few cuts have to be made in order to prove that loyalty.

I would say that you’re just about there anyways, right Gable? I saw that devious look in your eye when you pushed me away from Bellator. I saw a part of you, somewhere – a patriot, even, that knew how to fight his own battles. From that, I also figured that you wouldn’t stay the hell out of my way.

God damn it, Gable – just let me play a little.

This was about family long before it was about your brotherhood. You know what a good beating can do for you, Gable, you’ve been around. It can change your perspective on things, and that’s all that was on my agenda for Mr. Bellator.

But you just had to cut me off.

Do you know what the old man ended up doing to those guys that cut him off?

Do you really wanna know?

He wrapped them to the hood of their cars with their large intestines. Isn’t that a riot?

That’s what rage and the need to avenge for yourself ultimately lead to, and pushing me the way that you did means that you’re not only capable of defending yourself from that kind of vengeance – it also means that you’re ready.

You cut me off, Gable –

And now I have to cut you.