The Bike

In Promo by Ether

“There once was a man who acquired the motorcycle of his dreams. He had his eyes on it ever since he became old enough to drive and, ever since it came to his possession, he rode it from dusk ’til dawn.”

“When he wasn’t driving it, he would spend most of his spare time cleaning and polishing it like it was a priceless diamond.”

“Sometimes I overheard him talking to the bike too. He called it his baby and told it he would never replace it even if he was offered a newer model.”

“The man and his chopper seemed almost inseparable. There seemed to be nothing that could break the bond that he had for his machine.”

“One day, however, something in the man changed.”

“His pride and joy saw less time on the open road and more time in the garage.”

“He stopped cleaning it as much, which caused it to rust within a matter of months.”

“He even ceased talking to it, saying that it was a waste of time to chat with a ‘useless hunk of junk’.”

“After a while, he stripped the motorcycle of its engine and ditched it at a local scrapyard, where it was sold for parts and reduced to nothing.”

“How does it feel to be Chronoa’s most cherished weapon, Impaler? I bet you feel quite special knowing that she values you so highly.”

“She treats you like her most prized possession, flaunting you around as the beast that will end OSW for good. If what you did to Rainbow Party is any indication, she has good reason to treat you this way.”

“But what will happen if you accomplish what she wants?”

“I’ll spoil it for ya. She’ll change her demeanor and leave you to rot all by your lonesome. She’ll spit in your face and deem you less than dirt as she rips the mask from your face and looks for a new weapon to spend her time with.”

“Without your mask, the engine to your motorcycle, you’ll be left in the scrapyard as your main source of power is stripped from you.”

“With that gone, people like us Jet Set Radio kids will pick apart the scraps and eventually reduce you to nothing.”

“Chronoa likes to think that you’re fated to be nothing more than a weapon that’ll eventually be discarded. While you might think otherwise, you haven’t done anything to prove her wrong.”

“The longer you fight by her side and come to her aide, the more likely you are to follow the path the motorcycle I mentioned earlier took. Do you really want to end up powerless in some ditch with people like us using you as a punching bag?”

“Didn’t fucking think so.”

“Until you grow some balls and prove you’re more than just a weapon, you’re going to be an easy meal for the likes of us. At High Voltage two eighty three, I plan on swallowing you whole.”

“I’m a hungry girl, bitch boy, and a hungry girl’s got to eat!”