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Sometimes I think people fear water more than fire.

Look at how much they like to build dams.

People see a free running body of water, and their first thought is to stifle it, to take control of its flow and keep it held behind a wall. Their fear of drowning is so strong they build a wall to ensure only what feels comfortable is allowed through.

But how well does that actually work?

When the dam finally breaks, and it eventually will, the water roars out at a much higher intensity than it would have otherwise. The flooding waters will overtake forests, demolish cities, and most importantly drown innocent people.

Because the truth is that the water needs to be held back. If you let it do what it wants, countless people will suffer.

And perhaps, just perhaps, the people that suffer will be the ones you love.

Right, Vigour?

Listen man, I get it. I do. You’re a mighty rushing river. Every step you take is another rising tide for those around you.

I also get how shitty it was where you came from. They put you in a box, didn’t they? They outlawed all the shit you liked to do. They put up a dam to hold you back. They stifled you, took control of your abilities, and kept you behind their walls.

Those people feared free spirits, didn’t they?

In your case, though, I think they were right to.

Because now you’re here, and you burst into this world like a shackled river from a broken dam. There’s not Columbian you haven’t snorted, or pills you haven’t popped, is there?

You’ve overtaken OSW, demolished the worldviews of those that had stifled you, but most importantly Vigour, you’ve drowned some innocents, haven’t you?

Look at the Kid who you’ve taken under your wing. You and Starboy linked up with him, and even if he doesn’t fully partake in your hedonism, he’s still feeling the consequences. The Bible thumpers ain’t right in their crusade, but your actions still invited their intervention.

And it wasn’t you or Starboy who felt their wrath. It wasn’t you who was about nailed to a wooden cross.

No, it was the kid.

When the dam breaks, innocents suffer.

But you don’t care about that, do you?

That’s the difference between a guy like you and a gal like me.

I fuck shit up. I party. I do all the same shit you do, but when it comes to brass tacks I stick with my brothers. When Luke Storm was dying sick, we dropped everything and took it to the enemy.

And now that Shaw is dead, you’ll see what we do to them.

Rest assured, I won’t stifle you. I won’t control you.

But also know that you can’t drown me.

The reason people fear water more than fire is because it drowns them slowly, and TGK’s oxygen is leaving him every moment you wash over him.

You don’t seem to care about the slow death you give others.

But maybe you’ll fear the quick one I hand to you.