Dance With The Devil

In Promo by Vigour

I find it really fucking funny, that in amongst all the talk about Yahweh that has been happening as of late, and his apparent return when Sigil takes the long sleep, there’s been very little talk about his counterpart – the fucking devil.

In all of the scriptures there is always balance to God. The difference is Yahweh is not yet here, but the devil is.

The devil has been described in many ways since the birth of humanity, by many different motherfuckers, but only one thing is always agreed on. The devil preys on the weakness of others. But the devil is also often described as a fallen angel – someone, no something that used to be good, now inherently evil. And one way the devil likes to manipulate those around them is by making their victims think they can save the devil. Bring back the goodness.

But the devil likes to dance, and its an unfortunate fact of life that others cant resist a dance with the devil.

Just like Ether and Tag. Two poor, poor victims who can’t see what is in front of them. They think they are safe because of their allegiance to Simon, but they are not.

Ether is bursting at the seams, she’s so full of gluttony, unable to resist stuffing her face full of food, and Tag is full of horny lust, unable to resist following his cock. These sins make the pair of them exactly the kind of people the devil preys on. They will think they can be the ones to tame the devil, but the devil is just playing the long con. The fire burns on.

The devil sees Ether’s gluttony, and prepares to offer the apple. And the devil sees Tag’s lust and prepares to offer the peach fucking emoji. And all the while they think they stand a chance.

But the truth is, the dance has already begun. Tag and Ether dance with the devil this week and they are bound to get burned.

The devil, who rains fire and brimstone on all she is involved with. On Luke Storm, on Scarlett, on Zero. The devil, who turns everything she touches to ash and dust. She is beyond saving. Tag will fail to save her. Ether will fail to save her. And in the end, so will Simon – whether they are married or not, and the worst part is she already knows, and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t care for Simon, she doesn’t care for her allies, she only cares for herself.

Pyre is the devil incarnate, and all around her will perish. But this devil has never been good, like the fallen angel stories. This devil is pure, unadulterated evil. There is no redeeming her.

I have survived evil before, and I will do it again – I was burned by the Ashen’s destruction of Eden, but I will not be burned for a second time. The Prince of Party is officially fucking fireproof.

So let’s do it now and do it loud!