Never Be King

In Promo by Deathnote

“Today I’m reminded of the story of Sir Lancelot.”

“Lancelot began his journey as the third Knight to King Arthur’s court, and for good reason too.”

“Alongside the first two Knights, Gawain and Erec, the three of them made for a mighty force under King Arthur’s name, making his army one of the most feared in the land.”

“Sir Lancelot went on to become a dominate warrior, a badass crusader under the name of the King.”

“But as established as Lancelot was on the battlefield, he would become nothing more. At the end of the day, after he removed that battle-worn armor he was nothing more than a frail and average man.”

“And that is what became his greatest enemy.”

“No matter how hard he trained, no matter how many countless lives he took on that battlefield, it was always under the name of a different King.”

“You see, Lancelot was here under the impression that in order to become King himself, he must serve under the name of the current King.”

“The day Gawain and Erec presented Lancelot with a coat of arms, they had promised that Lancelot would become King after leading down this path.”

“But that day, it wasn’t coming any day soon.”

“No matter how glorified he had become, Sir Lancelot was never meant to be King.”

“And neither are you, Sir Gable.”

“Much like Gawain and Erec, Renault and Bellator saw the same thing in you that was seen in Sir Lancelot.”

“They saw your desire to be the best. They noticed your previous achievement of becoming a gold medalist.”

“They saw that you had the heart of a warrior and couldn’t be stopped.”

“Your bothers in arms saw that you had the desire to be King.”

“And they opened their arms to you. They brought you their coat of arms and gave you promises of a brighter future under the return of Yahweh.”

“They promised you not only salvation, but royalty.”

“But where is your crown? Where are you now? You’re nothing more than Sir Lancelot, the third Knight in Sir Vant’s court..”

“As badass as you may be, under that layer of armor you have dawned, you’re still nothing more the Cael Gable.”

“The troubled Knight who can’t accept the fact that he’ll never be King.”

“It would seem that the path Vayikra has chosen to take you down crosses my own.”

“It is here where you will face your biggest battle yet. A battle that will test both your physical and mental being. For it is I who is destined to take the throne.. and I will decimate anyone who dares cross me on my path to what is rightfully mine.”

“This version of the story ends in a brutal, more violent defeat for you, Gable.”

“This week at High Voltage, I will descend down upon you and your brethren..”

“Because there’s no room for Vayikra in a world where I sit upon the throne.”

“Kneel before the Prince of the Underworld..”

“And accept me as the King you’ll never be.”