David vs Goliath

In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

A story in the bible talks about David vs Goliath; Goliath was a man who was nine feet, six inches who was the champion of the Philistines; who were at war with Saul, the first king of Israel. Goliath for forty days would mock and challenge the Israelites to a fight; now King Saul’s army was scared of this guy and you know I don’t blame them. If you were facing a tall muscular dude you’d scared.

Little did the army know that their solution came in the form of David. Now David was only a young teenager when this went down; his Dad only sent him to get news on his brothers who were in the army. David heard Goliath talking shit about the so called “Army of God” and, challenged Goliath to a fight.

So the two fought and Goliath seemed to have defeated David; David though reached in his bag and chucked a stone at the giant’s head. David beheaded Goliath and had won the fight for Saul’s army.

But you’re thinking what does this story have to do with me?

We have this giant of a being that I’m facing this week; the so called “The Ascendant” who kinda reminds me of Goliath. He’s not as tall but you can tell he’s just as strong as him. Instead of a sword, he has an axe and he’s not human.

That’s fine by me, I’ll play the role of David. I maybe young and I maybe shorter than “The Iceborne Axe” but I’m not like Saul’s army. I’m not scared of him and I won’t back down. You may have size and power but one thing I think you will lack is speed; something that I specialize in since my job requires it. Then again out of everyone in my family, I am the fastest. You see “The Lord of Gar Ronen” David may have not been the strongest or the most sized person, but he had something Goliath didn’t besides faith and that’s speed. He was able to think and move fast.

They say you have tempered rage, huh…

You sound like my younger brother and my older half sister. Anger can be a good tool and sure Goliath had used it well, but it was his downfall. I don’t doubt though that you know what you’re doing; for me I rarely feel rage, I can keep my head calm and straight in a fight or a mission.

We’re both battle harden and we fight for our families. I respect that and the fact you’re on your own mission to get them back. But do you truly have the drive to do this? Will you overcome your Goliath tenancies and become a David? I fight for my family because they’re the ones who have their faith in me.

Nafalmgir, bring all you can in this match because I refuse to lose and I will win for my family.

“I’m Lucy Seraphina, and you’re just another target”