In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

A kindred’s greatest fear is supposed to be fire. The fact that us vampires can burn easily can install fear in us. It can kill us if we don’t treat it asap, facing a final death isn’t something both Kaine and I wish to see. While fire can keep Kine warm, we need to be careful; but you know what, at least it’s not the sun. The sun can kill Kindred quicker than you can say “Where’s the lamb sauce!?”

But it has come to my attention that one of my opponents this week is a type of fire.

Her name is Pyre.

Pyre, it’s a heap of combustible material, especially one for burning a corpse as part of a funeral ceremony. Huh…what a bitch isn’t it? I know Pyre, you’ve burned many of your opponents being part of “Bad Motherfuckers” and hell you’re a champion. That’s really cool, I’m happy for you and happy you got out of prison. I know Zero wants to decode us and you’d love nothing more to burn us to retain the titles.

But Pyre, you’re not fire… you’re not something that is going to try and consume my body to the point I’d be a Nosferatu. You won’t burn me and I don’t fear you like your name is trying to make it. To think you’d bring me to final death is funny. I mean you being Kine and not a member of the Society of Leopold, you should be more worried. You live in a world of darkness where Kindred are living in the shadows and among you.

OSW, is our world of darkness, where Kindred are the predators and Kine are prey; and that’s what will happen. You see Pyre, Zero, you two are being hunted this time around. Zero and yourself will try and burn us just like a dead Force User on Star Wars but, it’ll be like Revenge of The Sith with us coming on top. For us, you have Kaine, who is a dark detective, he’s still trying to figure out me, a mystery. The man is strict but means well but I wonder how much he trusts me.

Then again he will be surprised on what all he finds out in time.

You have me, Lucy Seraphina, the woman who is vampiric assassin and rules with fire and blood. I’ll be willing to have you burn with the Lure of Flames; a path of Thaumaturgy that only brave Tremere will use; it is one of the sure ways of bringing final death.

Together Kaine and I are going to win the championships and show OSW needs Kindred like us. We will bring in the age of the Masquerade and OSW will know the world of darkness indeed.

OSW, BMF, know that Kaine and I aren’t scared of the fire and we’re not scared of you. Come at us as much as you want but it will end soon.

“I’m Lucy Seraphina, and you’re just another target”