The Prince of Honor

In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

Prince Zuko was know to be a Firebending master; for three long years he searched to capture the Avatar; to end his banishment and to restore his honor. The banished prince would come to reject his Father and Fire Lord’s idea of what the Fire Nation should be and, joined us with Aang and the gang. Zuko would be a friend and mentor to Aang which would be a key success to defeating Ozai. Zuko was able to restore his honor and would become the new Fire Lord, ending the war. Because Avatar was modeled after Asian countries, honor is an important thing.

What does Zuko and “Indestructible Mountain” have in common?

They both have their honor. To them, it is one of the most important things in their lives. We see them through their respective stories while my one opponent is more positive when it comes to his story. “Indestructible Mountain” has his version of the Avatar with Tenchu; trying to teach him the ways of being an honorable Samurai. Even Tenchu has an Avatar state with that switch of his, he goes all chaotic and Banzan has to try and calm him down.

Banzan, you have years of martial arts training, combat and meditation; you use it to help harness your life force. You also are very analytical in your matches. The analytical and combat part we have that in common; I do have discipline myself, you have to for being an assassin. But Banzan, one thing that that separates you from Zuko and myself is this…


You don’t take any. The old say of “no risk, no reward” is applied here.

Zuko took a risk by going after the Avatar. Banzan what risk do you take during a match? You don’t fly, you don’t do anything risky that can change the tide of the match.

Banzan, I take a risk everyday; during assassination the risk can be something goes wrong. Anything from you being killed, to the target escaping and everything in between. While in the ring I fly high; I’m not scared to possibly get hurt and scare the ever living crap out of someone. I feel comfortable doing this and I know my adopted sire Max is probably shaking his head right now.

In OSW we all desire honor, glory and we take risks. In our match I’ll be taking risks if means winning the match. I will not let OSW down!

Banzan, you and Tenchu can try and be like Zuko and Aang when they’re learning the “Dancing Dragon” on the way to the Sun Warriors ruins to master firebending; but you both have no idea what you’re truly in for. Kaine and I are in sync more than other realize and we have the power of our respected clans Antediluvians. Come at us with all the honor in the world, we will show you the same but for you both…

It won’t be enough.

“I’m Lucy Seraphina, and you’re just another target”