Dead Fate

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord





The clock ticks for all of us. Every year. Every month. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. Every second. Father Time is undefeated, the trust master of all our fates.

He watched us for millennia, knowing the very second of all of our deaths, and he never intervened. Regardless of how he felt about an individual. If their time was up, he allowed it all to come to an end.

But he became concerned when certain creatures began to defy their clocks. Began to live longer than Father Time would ever allow. He began gathering a group to try and stop us from spreading.

He fought tooth and nail, trying to break our existence. He broke his own cardinal rule, he began interfering in the lives of those subject to time.

We learned that by doing this, he gave up his own immortality. He lost his own fight to time. It became a war of attrition, and he underestimated us.

So, we feasted and feasted. Fed on the passage of time that he had forsaken. As we grew more and more powerful, he grew weaker and weaker until he surrendered, learned that we were beyond his power any longer and left us be.

Now another primordial force has crossed that boundary. Now I see another Father Time who sought out secrets that were never for them to understand.

I dug around, and learned the secrets that keep you going. Fate is no different from Father Time. She controls what all our lives culminates with, what we achieve and fail. She works hand in hand with Father Time, and like him, will suffer the same fate.

Father Time crossed the mortal boundary, and began to crumble in the face of a force that refused to kneel.

Now you are faced with the same. Chronoa, you’ve crossed a line to face creatures beyond your control. I have gone beyond what your measly fates have to say about my existence.

But you’re smarter than Father Time, you have a champion that feeds off a different power, and I look forward to tasting it.

But Chronoa, those laws still apply. I can see you growing weaker, slowly. Like Father Time, you can’t exist in our world. So, you grow weaker as you defy your own position.

Just like we have, just like all Kindred have.

We’ve defied our fates, we have defied our times. Yet, we still march forward. Our clocks ticking in reverse, our fates no longer in control of beings who don’t truly care about us.

So, just like Father Time, you’ll crumble. I’ll force you to into a retreat just like him.

Our world is far too dark for beings like you. We are the new gods of this world. Just like we took control of time away from Father Time, we are going to take control of fate away from it’s Harbinger.

Time. Fate. Life. Death.

Masters we no longer serve. But what we are.