In Promo by Sigil

“You know of Venus flytraps, don’t you?”

“They emit a scent from their appendages that flies find just irresistible. So, unknowingly, the flies flock to them, looking to make a meal out of whatever is making that delicious smell.”

“These flies, they do it for the betterment of themselves, of their species, to chomp down on the source and devour it while they still can.”

“But what happens when the flies land in those tiny mouths expecting nourishment?”

“The flytrap closes down on top of them, ensnaring them in its perfect little trap and locking them away to be digested.”

“Now, the flies will fight and struggle, in their feeble minds they’ll believe that with their numbers they should have easily walked away with the victory.”

“But as the acid in the mouths dissolves them to mush they’ll slowly learn just how wrong they are.”

“Vayikra, you pesky little flies. You’ve been buzzing around my airspace for quite some time, haven’t you? Your dirty little hands rubbing together as you sniff out my scent and prepare to land on me in droves to tear apart?”

“You’re only killing me because it would better humanity, aren’t you? My succulent flesh in your gnashing maws as you chew away at wherever you can possibly get your dirty, preaching mouths.”

“Sure, you could have landed on Corvus, wherever he may lie, but you came for me because I was more delectable, more tantalizing. I’m the biggest source of Solomon’s anxieties and the most delicious smelling prey you could ask for.”

“And you finally caught me, haven’t you? You’re landing on my mandibles and punching away with all of your might. It’ll be a miracle if I survive the onslaught, right?”

“You’d think that, anyway.”

“But let me tell you something your Yaweh following brains can’t quite comprehend.”

“I’m the god damn flytrap.”

“Don’t believe me?”

“I could easily evade you infinitely, never be touched by your dirty mouths and grubby hands, yet I’ve relentlessly appeared just out of your reach, haven’t I? Always behind a door, one portal away from you and your goal of devouring me.”

“I’ve been nothing but the most appealing bait you’ve ever seen, and now? You’ve finally put boot to flesh and fist to face. You’re going to start chowing down on me until I’m nothing more than an empty corpse on the ground.”

“But I always have a plan.”

“When we fight, I’m going to clamp down my appendages and trap you in my grasp. All three of you may have the numbers game but I have knowledge and power on my side. Slowly but surely I’ll break you down one by one, devouring you with unmatched efficiency.”

“Your deaths will fuel me as I grow bigger, stronger. Death and Solomon fear me, they want me gone and they want you three to do it.”

“But when our match comes to an end, they won’t see a dead venus flytrap.”


“They’ll see three mushy flies and a growing problem in their garden.”

“I have walked this path before, I shall walk it once more.”