Halfway Down

In Promo by Sir Gable

The weak breeze whispers nothing
the water screams sublime.
His feet shift, teeter-totter
deep breaths, stand back, it’s time.

Toes untouch the overpass
soon he’s water-bound.
Eyes locked shut but peek to see
the view from halfway down.

A little wind, a summer sun
a river rich and regal.
A flood of fond endorphins
brings a calm that knows no equal.

You’re flying now, you see things
much more clear than from the ground.
It’s all okay, or it would be
were you not now halfway down.

Thrash to break from gravity
what now could slow the drop?
All I’d give for toes to touch
the safety back at top.

But this is it, the deed is done
silence drowns the sound.
Before I leaped I should’ve seen
the view from halfway down.

I really should’ve thought about
the view from halfway down.
I wish I could’ve known about
the view from halfway down.

That was written by a man who somehow survived jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge.

For a brief moment, he felt at bliss, knowing that his depression, the delusions, the paranoia, they were all about to end and that he was going to no longer suffer gave him a kind of peace nothing else can.

Things all changed when his body hit terminal velocity. When he was falling 75 miles per hour and halfway between life and almost certain death, the only thought permeating through his mind was “I don’t wanna die.”

He luckily survived with some crushed vertebrae and a broken ankle. Now, he lives a fulfilling life traveling the country and talking to others who are having the same thoughts and giving them a way to embrace the life they have.

I’m sorry Sigil, you won’t be so lucky, when you pissed off death himself, you didn’t simply step off the ledge, you dived headfirst and now you can see your reflection in the water.

I’m not here to threaten you though, three of us coming after you and Death himself being the constant shadow lurking over your head is enough to threaten any man.

I’m here to tell you that the fear of death is worse than death itself.

Yes, dying will be painful but death and the afterlife doesn’t have to be.

When I passed away, I was brought to the gates of heaven, they opened up and I was showered with the lord’s love and pride. My riches in heaven were far greater than any I’ve had here.

That can still be your fate, you don’t have to fear death, you simply have to prepare for it.

Ask the lord for forgiveness, forsake your universal goods, and seek redemption.

If you do this, he will welcome you with arms wide open and your collection there will dwarf anything you have here.

If not, dying will be the easy part.

Death isn’t the end, it’s simply the last thing you’ll ever collect.

Death welcomes you but remember you can’t take anything with you when you go, so make sure you go to a place that has everything or you’ll be stuck in a place with less than nothing.