Dead Upon Impact

In Promo by Deathnote


[A small desk lamp flickers on.]

[Before us sits Deathnote with his legs crossed. In his lap sits a black book.]

[He opens the book, thumbing through the pages before stopping on one.]

“James Solman. August 13th, 1995.”

“Blue collar family man. He doesn’t have much, but what he does have he busts his ass for.”

“Head supporter for his household of three, which includes him, his beautiful wife and their son Solman.”

“But his support would come to an abrupt end on the thirteenth of August, as he was crushed by a support beam while working on renovations.”

Dead upon impact.”

[Deathnote pauses for a moment, letting that sink in.]

[He turns the page.]

“Melissa Solman. January 20th, 1996.”

“When James passed tragically, she would pick up extra shifts at the restaurant. On a busy afternoon on the 20th of January, Melissa ould suffer a stroke, causing her to faint immediately.”

“On the way down, she caught the corner of a table.”

Dead upon impact.”

[Another pause before he flips the page once more.]

Heath Solman.”

[He full stops. There’s no date. There’s no more information on the page at all.]

“It seems your page has yet to be written, my friend.”

“Many years ago, I wrote the names of your family in the deathnote. I wrote their day of death and the way that they would suffer their tragic demise.”

“However, when it came to you, I left your page blank.”

[His cold gaze looks up from the book.]

“Here I had a young man who had just lost both of his parents in a devastating fashion. The day your mother dropped, I saw a fire in the pit of your eyes.”

“Sure, you wanted to shuffle off this mortal coil, but there was something there that caught my attention.”

“And so I left your page blank, Heath.”

[You can’t tell through his mask, but the tone of his voice suggests a smirk.]

“Instead, I left a recruitment flyer in your wake. A flyer to join OSW.”

“I wanted to see what you would do with the flame that I saw.”

“I went to my father and told him of you. I asked him to keep a close eye on you, and the two of you were able to become Tag Champions.”

“Unfortunately, you never fully flourished, did you? Instead you shortly vanished from sight.”

“But death is always watching, Solman.”

“I’ve watched you hide away from reality. I’ve watched as you let your emotions keep you weak and I must say, I’m disappointed.”

[Deathnote reaches out to the table and grabs a pen.]

“I think it’s finally time to chalk this project up as a lost cause.”

“The real tragedy here is the disappointment you became..”

[Deathnote begins scribbling in the book.]

“Heath Solman, March 18th 2024.”

“Heath returns for the OSW Classic. His triumphant return to OSW is thwarted by the reaper himself.”

“Deathnote snaps his neck with a Turn the Page.”

Dead. Upon. Impact.

[Deathnote slams the book shut.]

[He reaches over towards the table once again.]


[The light is turned off.]