Debt Collector

In Promo by Zeus

There was a man who dedicated his life to travelling around the lands and collecting objects.

Building a vast collection of the finest rarities and treasures, the man covered every unfathomable corner of the world. He wanted it all and he wanted it for himself.

This collector never paid in cash or currency for anything he acquired. It all went on credit.

The trouble with spending other people’s money, at some point you’ve got to pay it back. Every time a debtor came knocking, the collector opened a new line of credit elsewhere, or exchanged part of his collection.

Soon it became apparent the collector had run up an enormous amount of debt.

When the collector’s cheques started bouncing, he knew he couldn’t open any fresh lines of credit and the debt, like a heavy rock, threatened to crush him from above.

The rock fell when the bailiffs came knocking at the collector’s door.

Sigil, how long have you spent walking the realms and building your collection?

Enough time that you have assembled the greatest compilation of items any conscious being has ever managed. From historical trinkets to cosmic wonders, it’s all there in your compendium. But the more you collected, the more you wanted every treasure and every source of power for yourself.

All this time though you never once exchanged a dime or token of your own in filling your catalogue. It may have not been in the form of a credit card, but everything you have acquired has come at the expense of someone else.

Voynich’s trust.

The blood of Wynona, Cryptkeeper and Darby Sorrow.

The futures of Legacy.

Now you’re starting to feel the squeeze of amassing all that debt. The trouble with debts is that, eventually, you are going to have to pay them back.

But you’ve gambled with this debt. In targeting the Skull Order you took the kind of risk you believed would give you the big pay-out that would settle everything you owed – with interest on top!

However, that last cheque you wrote, in trying to destroy Death, has well and truly bounced, Realmwalker, and you have alienated or saddled anyone that would offer you a line of new credit with a mountain of bad debt.

You’re a write-off Sigil and all that debt has now compressed into a rock that wobbles on the edge of a precipice above your head.

Now the debt collector is knocking at the door, Sigil.


And the rock that is about to tumble off that cliff and crush you is the Black Hand of Death.

You have run away for long enough, Realmwalker, but when it comes to recovering debt, debt collectors never stop chasing.

At Ring of Dreams this ends when your debt is collected.

It’s not a bill that can be settled with anything from your collection.

The time for bartering is gone.

There is only one currency the debt collector will accept.

Your life.

At Ring of Dreams, Sigil, you finally pay what you owe.

For the greater good.