The Long Road To Hell

In Promo by Chronoa

One of the funniest theories that humanity seems to have about the universe is this ideal of pure evil. That someone is just snapped into existence consumed by darkness.

Every person I have ever encountered was born a pure soul. It’s the world and the circumstances around that twist and shape them.

Because for every heart that’s rotted black, it always begins with a single choice.

To fight back against a world that abandoned them, to never be weak like those they despise or my favorite of them all,

The road to hell that’s paved with good intentions.

It always begins small, a little twisting of the rules to help others. Turning that shade of grey to make the world a better place

Because a little damnation never hurt anyone and after it all, you can just turn back the clock and become the man you always were.

But it’s one thing to walk in the darkness because it’s all you’ve ever known.

It’s another to wade into it under the light of the innocent and expect to not be tainted forever.

So I wonder Collector if you realised how far down the rabbit hole you had to descend when you began your journey.

Unlike others, I don’t condemn you for I realise sometime long ago, you began with the best of intentions.

Because it’s not simple power or control you need, underneath the calm and focus is desperation and need.

To save something, a world, a significant other. To correct an injustice, to make the world a better place then the one you once knew.

Those crystals are for something pure, yet every action you have taken to obtain them has blackened every last cell of your soul.

Ripping apart the fabric of an ancient society.

Twisting time and space to bring forth those who should not exist in this time.

Tearing out the very heart of adoration.

And changing the fabric of fate itself as immortals died and those whose lives had barely begun perished as adults.

You walk a very fine line collector and some part of me wonders if somehow, the man I loved is behind that mask of yours.

See, my husband was a lot like you Sigil. Determined, arrogant, brutually focused in the face of absolute death.

A man who would burn the entire universe to ensure I lived.

I watched as worlds collapsed, reality faltered, and billions of peoples lives were blinked out in an instant.

Paralysed by love, it wasn’t until he crossed a line even I could not forgive that I put him down.

Yet the bullet came far too late, as my reality faded into black, all because of ones mans descent into madness.

So I understand your journey Sigil, all I care about is ensuring you stay on your side of that line.

So destroy Death, take that final crystal and sacrifice everyone you need to but be very careful doing so boy.

Because I don’t care about your reasons or your desires, you became a threat to this universe.

And this time, I won’t fucking hesitate.