In Promo by Starboy


STARBOY has no problem getting his LOVEstick rocked, cocked, and ready to go.

Anytime, any place.

STARBOY can get it up…


Just like that.

Hell, he just went from six to midnight just thinking about it.

Others, well, they just don’t have the luxury of being horny 24/7 and their member at the position of attention at a moments notice.

This one girl STARBOY was with tried to get him to play some r&b slow jams, dim the lights, and sit on the living floor by the fire so she could get turned on and ready to be face down ass up.

This other broad, to get a peek inside her meat curtains, she wanted to go to the finest of restaurants, drink the most expensive bottle of wine, and eat a nice, expensive dinner.

And this one fucker, he wanted me to come with him to Bible study and hear the word of the Lord. Singing praises to his savior got him riled up, but when it came time to perform he was praying for a hard on so he could plunge into STARBOYs confession box.

At FTW, The Rainbow Party have the chance of a lifetime to rock out with our cocks out and blow our load all over the Tag Team Championships.

But in order to do so we have to rise to the occasion… rung by rung up a ladder.

We are ready to go, but our opposition take a little bit of fluffing to get into the mood.

Pyre, you the kind of bitch that asks your boy Zero to lay with you by the fire, hear the sound of wood crackling. A glass of champagne in hand, chocolate covered strawberries being fed to you and some Marvin Gaye in the background. In the end, the lead up and the hype falls a little… short.

And you Ether, you’re the type of broad that makes Tag take you to a “fancy” dinner at Applebee’s. Make him buy you a two for $20 and an Oreo shake. It gets you so worked up, hot and ready, you give him a little throat action in the parking lot.

Vayikra, you guys are the type of people who like to do everything in the name of the Lord. You prob get turned on going on evangelical missions and door to door spreading the word. But in the end, you’re not abstaining and celibate by choice it’s because you can’t get it up no matter how many Hail Marys and Our Fathers you say.

Fuck foreplay, let’s FUCK.

Line em up boys and girls.

STARBOYs rock hard just thinking about those  six chocolate starfish he’s gonna destroy.

At FTW, STARBOYs gonna climb that ladder and it’ll end how it always does.

With STARBOY on top.

And he’s ready to blow his load all over your sweet asses.

Because if it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong on your face.

STARBOYs coming for you…

…and he ALWAYS cums!!!