In Jinx, Promo by Jinx


“The secret to unlocking true freedom through pain has long been locked away.”

“It’s been said that if such information was to fall upon the wrong hands, dire consequences could fall across all of Arcadia.”

“Hidden beneath a layer of encryption that even the most prestigious of hackers couldn’t come close to unlocking.”

“The ideology of achieving one’s true spiritual freedom through enduring the trials and tribulations that is agony is so well protected that some people spend a lifetime trying to acquire the knowledge that lays under the heavy encryption.”

“Many of men have died trying to decode the encryption that locks the answers they seek away.”

“Grimskull, you are no different from any number of those men.”

“You’ve walked a staggered path of pain and tears. You’ve led countless of blind followers down a path that they would never return from.”

“You’ve led herds of innocent lives to their demise in search of finding the key that would unlock the knowledge you seek.”

“A way to decode the layer of encryption that keeps you from your life’s work.”

“You’ve committed to a lifetime of suffering in the hopes that one day you would be able to unlock the code.”

“You’ve convinced a population of followers to follow your word. You promised them salvation. You promised them freedom.”

“But the only thing you’ve ever been able to give them is heartache and despair.”

“You’ve failed to deliver unto anyone, including yourself, the sweet release of the freedom that you seek. You’ve inflicted so much pain, but you’ve yet to be able to deliver anyone to the pleasure that you desire.”

“Despite all your efforts, you’ve failed to unlock the code.”

“But I have the key, Grimskull.”

“I have the skills needed to unlock that code.”

“At Hail to the King, I will decode that encryption.”

“From the depths of that encryption I will pull the answers you’ve given a lifetime for.”

“Judging by your interaction with Luther last week, you seem to be under the misconception that it is you who holds all the cards. You seem to be misconstrued in thinking that you can just impose upon me the pain you’ve suffered at will.”

“But you’ve forgotten one thing.”

“I’m always a step ahead.”

“This week, I will pull from the well of the knowledge you’ve slaved after for years.”

“And I will inflict upon you a pain that you’ve never dreamed of enduring.”

“I will teach you the lessons of underestimating the NXT Level Champion..”

“You’ve lived a lifetime of agony searching for a way to unlock the encryption to your freedom.”

“Now you’ll live a lifetime of pain inflicted by my hand.”

“With the Third Eye by my side, I will decipher the encryption and break the code to access a pain far worse than than you know. A pain that will once again be inflicted upon you, unwillingly.”

“So tell me, Grimskull, what is it you know of pain?”

“What can you pass on to Luther?”

“I’ll use you to decode the encryption that conceals the knowledge of pain..”

“And Luther will learn of his grim future that lies ahead.”