Devil You Know

In Promo by Chronoa

Long ago the protection of fate was not meant for one soul but two.

A balance between the forces of good and evil, a check against corruption and greed.

For how do you counter ultimate power but with itself?

Two very different souls were chosen. One full of grief and rage, one numb to the pain and simply wanting to do good.

They clashed and warred over the simplest decisions at first yet a deep rooted respect began to grow.

Light and Darkness moulding together to become a perfect team, truly dependent on the other to make the best choices.

Yet even as the universe flourished from their guidence, despair and doubt began to cloud one of their minds.

Atrocity after atrocity commited in the name of keeping the balance.

Monsters who altered it through sheer will or innocents who stumbled into failure

It mattered not as long as the anomly was fixed.

So one hard day, drenched in the blood of another lost soul who threatened the cosmos inadvertenly, he asked a simple question.

Is it just to commit evil in the name of eventual good?

Or is there a better way to keep the balance of the universe?

The pair swore to make things better, the light so careless ignoring his very reason in his steadfast belief in the darkness.

Because it’s not who you are but the choices you make that divine how your soul shines.

And as the dagger pierced through his heart, I knew my soul would be forever drenched in blood.

Because I knew from the moment my fate was sealed that right or wrong, I would forever be a monster.

And a single lie has never left my mouth since I came to this Temple.

Something I cannot say about that infernal snake wrapped your neck Mountain.

Just like my former partner, you are far too trusting Banzan.

A fool in Buddhist clothing who truly believes the best in people.

But even for you trusting the vampire after all he’s done is a little much.

Even ignoring the pain and loss he’s caused you, the portrait of lies he continues to paint of you.

The indecision of his nature is a dangerous thing to behold.

Because whatever false tales he’s weaved on my intentions, I have always been honest to you Banzan.

At worst, I am the devil you know and at his very best, Kaine is a monster still deluded into thinking he has a shred of humanity left.

Forever straddling the line of good and evil when we both know his very nature is purest darkness.

My intentions were and still are pure Banzan. I want to work to make this world a better place.

Yet the moment Kaine is free of us, he’ll tear your throat out without hesitation and he won’t give you the benefit of looking you in the eye.

So make your choice Mountain, the devil you despise or the one that offers you her hand.

Because one day fate may conspire to come for your throat

But in that moment, I’ll tear it out it eye to eye.