Did you have fun?

In Narcissa Balenciaga, Prometheus, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

“Did you have fun?”

I still remember the sarcasm dripping out of every syllable she spoke.

She said it the exact same way every time I went to the park to get away from the chaos and just play like the damn child I deserved to be treated like.

She knew I went there, played with other children like the best form of a new toy, whether they stuck around until they had to call it a day or ran away due to my intensity, I still had my fun.

Tag was my favorite of course, people actually chasing me instead of her for once was half of it, the other half was me sprinting full force knowing I was the fastest there, knowing I was going to catch them eventually.

This park was my world and all they could do was try and escape.

Some had strategies, team up and make me tag the slowest so they could get away. Others tried to use sheer numbers to tire me out, I would tag somebody just to get tagged by another shortly after like a tag triangle.

The ones who were dumb enough to try to outrun me on their own were left tasting dirt after I tagged then and they tried to dive after me.

Oh I had my fun until inevitably she would come and ruin the fun and told me I had to stop and take things serious again.

Sound familiar Tombstone?

Oh I remember being terrified in your mortuary, in your world, you definitely tagged me with that heart punch but the moment I saw Igor call you out, all that fear went away and I could barely stifle a laugh as childhood memories flooded in and you were treated like this poor child at the park.

You’re nothing but the world’s scariest child and let me be clear, the scariest child is like the ugliest model. Still a model, still a child.

We’re out of your world now and the real person in charge of your life has brought you back to this place that packs as much chaos as possible into four walls.

Its the complete opposite of the order-filled home that is the mortuary.

Your mortuary takes care of the only certain thing in life, in death there’s order and control for you.

Welcome back to the land of the living where chaos reigns supreme and you can bet I’m going to get that tag back.

I’m going to tag you so hard Igor feels it.

I’m going to tag you so hard that inner child within you that knows every word I say is true is going to feel it.

I’m going to tag you so hard you’ll regret ever bringing us to that shithole.

Once I do that, I’m going to ask you the question I’ve been thinking about all week.

Did you have fun?

I hope it was worth it.