In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

It’s amazing what power information holds. Just a few nuggets of information can crumble mighty empires or lay the foundations for new ones.

A few bits of information about taxation? A nation is born.

A warning laid out with the evidence to match and a war machine falls apart for the world to see.

I’ve seen it more and more over my three hundred years of life. Mighty empires born out of the ashes because the right people had the right information.

Or people died because of what they knew.

A man learned about my kind after stalking a few careless kindred made their presence known. This man had stalked them, watched their every move. Like a hunter on the safari, he watched them. One day he finally saw what he needed, and solidified the information.

He knew we kindred now existed, and he was going to get his money out of them for it. To keep their secret, he demanded too high a price.

I was in those chambers, listening as the leaders and Princes argued amongst themselves. The answer was simple, but it took a committee of morons to finally get to where I had already concluded.

I knew this man had created his own little empire of information. All we had to do was commit to ending it all in front of him.

I had already set our best computer specialists to tear down the websites and his systems to hamper the information getting out. We then tracked down each and every person who had ever seen what we wrote, and did what we had to do. So that when those Princes and other Sheriffs finally came to my conclusion, the war was already won.

It was just a matter of staking the man, and making an example of him.

So, I did just that. Once his world had crumbled around him, I put the right words into his head, and he ended our problem for us.

I’ve seen you, Chronoa. You hold all this information, all of history is in your hands. But you don’t know what to do with it. You chase these people around, to warn them of their destinies and fates. But in all that, the simplest piece of information still eludes you.

The simplest part of it all, is the choice we all have. Even without the information you have, our choices can determine or change our fates.

Just like that man, he made the choice. He chose to chase information he shouldn’t have, and by doing so he ran into a wall he couldn’t overcome. He looked for the smallest details, the most secret of information, and it ended him.

You’re just like him, Chronoa. You chased me to learn what I knew about Night City. Hounded me to gleam whatever you could, but by doing so you missed the biggest picture.

You were just another information broker who stepped into a world they couldn’t understand.

Carpe Noctem, Chronoa.

Welcome to the world of darkness, where information dies.