In Promo by Ether

“I’ll be the first person to tell you that I don’t always get to swallow everything I eat.”

“Sometimes the food fights back and I end up painting the floor with vomit.”

“I usually spew when what I was eating tasted that bad or I try to stuff my face with too much too fast.”

“It’s embarrassing when I can’t stomach what I eat. I’ll usually be laughed out of the restaurant after I foot the bill, leaving the janitors to clean up the mess I made.”

“Every time I puke, I think about skipping town and starting fresh somewhere else.”

“But I don’t. This hungry girl never lets shame and defeat get her down. Even at my darkest hours, I step back up to the plate and get ready to chow down again.”

“The difference is that I take on the challenge a tougher woman than I was before.”

“And the more resilient I become, the easier it is to digest what I eat.”

“The easier it is to eat, The more likely I am to conquer the meal once and for all.”

“Luke Storm and Pyre are two meals that have made me puke these past few weeks.”

“After they fought back after being chewed up by yours truly, they reduced me to a fucking mess in the barbecue restaurant and the Sodapop Frequency.”

“They humiliated me so badly that I heavily considered leaving OSW and never looking back. However, I knew that I couldn’t allow that to happen.”

“I’m a hungry girl, and I’m not supposed to let my food get the best of me.”

“I’m supposed to devour anything and everything that’s placed on my plate and then some.”

“And that’s exactly what I’m going to do at Between Fuck and You. I’m going to chew both Luke and Pyre up, swallow them, and make sure they stay in my stomach until they’re properly digested.”

“Both of you fuckwits think it’s funny to embarrass me at my darkest hour, don’t you? It’s absolutely hilarious to reduce me into a disgusting, crying pile of filth, isn’t it?”

“Well guess what? Even though you’ve made me bawl my fucking eyes out and lose my appetite, I’m still here and ready to eat you both for dinner.”

“You might’ve made me puke in the past, but I’m a more resilient woman now. I’ve eaten my fair share of meals that were harder to swallow than what you two have dished out these past few weeks.”

“Your antics have become easier to digest and no longer make me want to vomit. Instead, they make me want to beat the shit out of you for trying to kick me while I’m down.”

“Instead, you’ll both be conquered once and for all in the middle of that ring like the losers that you are.”

“I’m a hungry girl that has nothing to lose and everything to gain by eating your sorry asses. And this hungry girl is gonna eat you both!”