Dungeons and Dragons

In Promo by Deathnote

“Three very different teens found themselves sitting together in the basement of one of their mother’s house.”

“They didn’t have much in common. There was an emo kid, a punk chick and a silent freak type.”

“But today, they would unite and stand together in a quest much harder than physical labor. Today, they would be tested on their abilities to unite and stand together.”

“Today, they played Dungeons and Dragons.”

“And today, they were to reach the end of their campaign. They would plunge into the depths of the dark, mythical temple in search of the treasure. But in order to be successful, they had to get past the big, scary three headed devil-dog that protected it.”

“This was sure to be no simple task, but the three of them marched into the darkness of the temple in stride. They fought a long excruciating battle, but there destination lie just ahead. As different as they were, they all brought their unique abilities to trek the grounds of the temple.”

“But then, Cerebus appeared before them. Each of it’s heads moving a different direction yet seemingly working in unison to snarl and roar at the three brave teens.”

“They put their heads together to decide which move they make going forth. Will they turn back now, tuck tail and run? Or will they stand up to the three headed beast and fight their way towards the end of their quest?!”

“Fight! They all exclaim together, and the dungeon master presents one of them with the 20-sided die.”

“The kid held the die between both hands and held it close to their chest. They exchanged looks with their friends and then threw the die on the table.”


“The attack misses wildly as the Cerebus snarled and thrust forward, each different head swallowing a teen whole!”

“Much like that day in the basement, this week will fall short of the cinderella story. Ether, Chronoa, Seesaw. All three of these names have nothing in common. They are all short of outcasts, coming together to play a game.”

“To stand united against the evil three-headed demon that haunt the halls of OSW. Though Sigil, Corvus and I may walk very different paths, we are all three essentially working towards the same goal. Though we may have different tactics, we work fluidly together. The three of us work in cohesion.”

“And as the three of you stand before the menacing three headed demon before you, you will have no choice but to fight.”

“But unfortunately, you’ve rolled a two.”

“Luck was not on your side as you rolled the die and it clattered across the table. All of your hope was shot at that moment, and you were already defeated.”

“You become a deer caught in headlights, a sitting duck to the violent predator that is Cerebus.”

“And with each of his three heads, he will strike forward and devour the three of you one by one.”

“Kneel before the prince of the underworld.”