Escape From Under The Bed

In Felix Foley, Promo by Felix Foley

[Hide. Come on, hide.]

Just choose somewhere. [Quickly. Come on…]

I can’t hide in the closet. That was the first place he looked last time.

[What about behind the curtains?]

He’d be able to see my feet.

This bedroom just ain’t big enough. I could try and get inside my toy box but I don’t think I’ll have that much time.

[Under the bed.]

It’ll have to be under the bed. Oh boy, it’s a tight squeeze. There’s a lot of crap under here; old toys and shoeboxes full of stuff.

If I could just squeeze in a bit more.

[That’ll do it.]

Phew! I’m in.

Oh no, I can hear him. He’s coming. The footsteps are getting louder. They thump with every step.

[The door swings open.]

Close your eyes. Close them!

If you can’t see him then it won’t be as scary. Maybe he won’t see me?

That closet door always creaks. Thankfully I didn’t go in there. He’s looking inside now, throwing my clothes about. I’ll have to pick those up later.

[Now he’s moving towards the window. The curtain flutter as he swishes them about.]

Good thinking Felix. Good thinking not to go behind those.

[He stomps angrily towards my bedroom door. The slam makes my heart skip a beat. Phew. Breathe. Breathe.]

[Footsteps quietly eek away.]

Is it safe to come out? Is he gone? I just don’t know. I need to be braver. Come on Felix, have some courage.

You can’t stay under here forever.

Everything is eerily quiet. I can’t hear anything. I’m as quiet as a mouse, just in case the monster hears me.


[Escape from under the bed.]

[Here goes nothing.]

[Deep breath.]

Come on Felix, you can do this. Face your fears, that’s what mom always says.


It looks clear. It looks all clear. Feel that? That’s relief. I feel relief. Now, if i can just quietly get into bed.

[Carefully turn around.]..

“Thought you could fuckin’ hide from me, is that it boy?!” Oh no, it’s the monster. He’s behind the bed. I thought I heard him leave. I swore it! The footsteps… Oh no..

“I’m sorry pop,” [ I apologize profusely. Oh no, he’s taking his belt off.] “Please..” I beg shamelessly.



[Every lash hits my face like I’ve been slapped with thunder itself.]


[I’m screaming. Crying. Wailing.]

[One final whack.]

[And I’m on the floor. My head hurts. I’m dizzy.]

I couldn’t escape the monster.

[Dad leaves, slamming the door behind him. I think I’ll just sleep here on the floor tonight. I’m woozy.]

There’s no escaping the monster for me.