Eyes Wide Shut

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“You ever seen Eyes Wide Shut?”

“It’s a movie about a group of people who wear masks on their faces while at the dirtiest, nastiest sex party imaginable.”

“Now, I’m all down with the dirty nasty, but the interesting thing about the movie is just why they wear these masks.”

“Other than hiding the shame from whatever God might be watching.”

“See, when the party starts and the clothes come off, the mask stays on. Why? Because the mask is who they really are.”

“When it’s off, they can’t be as despicable as they wish to be because the world can see the person hiding beneath it. They’re scared of what will happen if everyone knows the man underneath.”


“Because no matter how fucked up and vile the mask is, they can use it as something separate from themselves. It’s an entity all its own.”

“What a bunch of bitches!”

“Impaler, buddy, you’ve got a hell of thing going on with that mask, don’t you? I’ve never seen you without it and I’ve heard once or twice that you really can’t take it off, huh?”

“See, like the freaks in that movie, that mask is everything you wanna be in life, man.”

“How do I know?”

“You had to put it on.”

“No one forced that mask onto your face the first time, bud. You had to choose to embody all the fucked up shit that came with it when you placed it on your face. Sure, maybe it’s evolved now, but when you started off you were a guy with a gore fetish.”

“A nasty little boy with a thing for domination.”

“The mask has become as much a part of you as my dick is part of me. You’ve had it on so long that it’s unable to be separated from the guy beneath it.”

“But you’re too afraid to admit it.”

“Now, wanna know the difference between me and you? All the weird shit I do? I’ve done that my whole life without something to hide behind. I sign all of my spray paint art with my name, everyone I’ve ever fucked has seen my face.”

“And that difference between us? It’s what makes me better than you, man. I’m not to scared to show the world who I really am.”

“Sure, not everyone is gonna like me, both of your partners this week hate my guts and dislike my nuts.”

“But they know me.”

“They know who I am and what I do.”

“When we get in that ring, what would happen if I yoinked the mask off of your face?”

“Would you hide?”

“Would you tell the world it was the mask that made you do every fucked up thing you’ve ever done?”

“Or would you own up to who you are and admit for once that you and your mask are one in the same?”

“I guess we’ll find out.”

“Now put your head between my legs and kiss your win goodbye.”