Fallen Destiny

In Promo by Chronoa

For millenia upon millenia I have stood here as the only thing protecting the universe from the fools who would avert fate.

Ensuring that everything stays as it should for the good of everyone else, even if it damns the few. I have done this dance too many times to count and my heart has become hardened to the repercussions.

But even after all this time, you never forget your first.

Born from the drunken challenge of a foolish immortal, the lost city of Atlantis stood as a technologic marvel in the time of stone and sacrifice.

A hidden mecha that rivals the greatest cities of today, it was a test to see if technology and progress would impede humanity’s idea of godly will.

It became everything the god’s despised, a mixture of Sodom like decadence and arcane perfection that rivaled the heavens themselves. A spectacular failure as it was always fated to be and it should have been a simple erasure and a change of history to mark it as something broken.

If it wasn’t for a little birdie learning their own fate and inspiring a civilisation to fight back against their own destiny

They tried plagues, subterfuge, bargaining, pleading, all as their hope drained a little more each day and acceptance grew the norm.

For all but that little birdie who refused to stop fighting even it meant destroying fate itself.

His courage and determination were admired so a deal was made in the confines of destiny, if he won, Atlantis would be forever remembered as a pinnacle of the universe forevermore and would be left to shape its own destiny.

But if I won, history would never know of its existence, as the mere memory of it would be morphed and twisted into something broken and decayed that needed to be destroyed.

I don’t remember much about the warrior that could, not his age, his build, what weapon he wielded against me but I will forever remember that look in his eyes.

There’s been so many that tried to change their own fate, that defied me and paid the ultimate price. Some did it for power and control, some did it for love, some did it because it was the right thing to do and they were all dangerous in their own ways.

But there’s nothing more deadly then someone with everything to lose, who knows they’ll fail and still walks into the darkness for the sake of everyone else.

Thing is, as deadly as that person may be, they’re also incredibly stupid as fate never reveals the full deck before the game is ended.

Atlantis would have fallen but most would have survived to be spread throughout the world and usher a new age. That little birdie not only doomed his entire civilisation but set back humanity millenia. And all so his legacy is a pillar of salt and a sickening inferno.

So when destiny tells you to fall in the line, you say yes mam or join the legion who have fallen far worse

By defying that which always wins.