In Promo by Chronoa

The softest touch of sunlight upon the skin of the malnourished

The slightest ocean breeze ruffling the hair of someone who’s only known the stifling stale air of imprisonment.

The unnerving calm in the absence of the chilling terror of opression.

Billions of lives lost in its pursuit, oppressors demonized for even thinking of minimizing it’s potential as man would risk his immortal soul to attain the briefest respite in an eternity of suffering.

Beyond nourishment, restoration and companionship, humanity values freedom above all else.

Yet through their own limitations, fears or the slight deviation in paths they choose, no matter how minute their oppression may be.

Some poor unfortunate souls will never know true liberation.

There was once a man who exemplified this ideal, a man who for his entire life had yearned to be free from the terror of that which he used to love.

He sacrificed his body, his conscience, his heart, his soul and yet everytime, he lost more and more. Everything he loved turned to poison in front of his eyes as peace seemed like a distant memory.

His belief waned, his hope failing as his sorrows drowned in the vile blood of what used to be his dreams.

All because he constantly chose the wrong path of self oppression.

A tale that will all seem so similar in time Vigour, for you escaped the banal for the fire.

You wandered from a world of creative stiflement and slightest tyranny for a world that rips apart and destroys the weak and foolish.

A child walks into a land of decadence and believes he’s entered paradise. He gorges to his hearts content, giving no thought of the warning screaming inside his mind of who sees him as easy prey.

The bigots who despise your flair and extravagance. The schemers who seek to turn every dirty little secret into a weapon to abuse you. The sociopaths who simply want everyone to suffer equally.

You were much safer in your world of grey and misery because you didn’t wander into a land of prosperity and endless opportunity.

That was never OSW, it is always and forever where freedom comes to die.

Vayikra is not the exception to the rule, they are the status quo that forever destroys the optimistic hope that men like you and Starboy have always had.

Yet surely you can defeat them and prove them wrong right?

But then comes Moody. Then comes Simon. Then comes Sigil.

An endless line of persecutors who all hold the key to the shackles that will drag you down to hell.

You know how he escaped his endless cycle of misery and finally gained freedom?

He died because death is the ultimate freedom no man can strip away.

You needn’t go that extreme Vigour, you still have one option left.

Run, run far away. From this place of nightmares you don’t belong.

From this world you don’t exist in.

For if you stay, you will never know the freedom you truly crave.

But be cursed with the knowledge that in the end,

History will always repeat itself.