In Promo by Chronoa

There is this belief that twist and change fate are doomed to die.

That their trangressions against the natural order are absolute and the Harbringers are judge, jury and executioner for the good of the universe.

Yet I learnt very early on there is always a better way, that there are a thousand other tactics to divert someone back onto their path.

Some use pain and torture to drive back their subject like a scalded dog who learns it’s place yet I’ve found that such abuse only causes chaos in the best of times and in the worst, galvanises resolve to change injustice.

Some use persuasion and trickery yet very few truly fall for their subterfuge forever and divert back onto the path that dooms existence.

A few foolish ones have even used bribery and gifts only to watch their subjects expect the lavish attention and turn to rage once it’s taken away.

No, I’ve found the only thing that truly works in a universal scale is fear.

Now for some, the terror in their soul reflects behind their eyes. It’s skin deep,primal, instinctual. It’s the snapping of twigs under the cover of darkness, the slight breeze tingling the back of your neck in the still of the night. It’s the warning flash in the back of your brain that you’re about to become someone’s prey, helpless to stop a more dominant creature from devouring every inch of your soul once more.

But for others, their fear is the scars of the past. Those they’ve left behind, the things that can never be again. The realisation that they’re empty inside, and because of their avarice, they could live a thousand lifetimes and they’d always be alone with the monsters clinging to their soul.

You see, death is never the option because it’s too easy. It’s a fleeting punishment that can be undone by some half baked god who snaps his fingers and watches while the fools try it all over again.

But you delve into the deepest recesses of a mans mind and tear out his scars before leaving him bloodied, naked and helpless for the world to see, you install obedience that lasts not only his lifetime but multiple generations afterwards.

Tonight I show OSW my true prowess. Using the basics of fear to send this Steve Irwin fanboy screaming to the outback, only surviving this latest encounter with the undead through my benevolence as he knows I could make the terror he faced from beyond the Grave a sweet memory if he ever steps foot in these halls again.

As for the vampire, his facade shall be shattered into pieces. Every failure, every broken promise, every attempt to be anything but the monster he surrended willingly to. A sherrif tells me what he knows or i grant the strings back to the beast to control the soul-less puppet you are.

Fear is history’s greatest motivation and it shall tear this temple apart once and for all.

For those who defy fate, I shall be the only nightmare you ever face again.