Feathers and Fashion

In Promo, The Yellow Python by The Yellow Python

[Cold open into a Sanctuary hallway, following the Yellow Python as he walks through one of the aviaries. The sounds of a loud and almost grating squawk greets our ears as he reaches a sectioned off area. Inside sits a beautiful bird cawing away at the top of it’s lungs]

“Gorgeous, ain’t he? Peacocks tend to grab the eyes, along with your ears. They like to parade around, strutting around as the eye grabbing flyer and make sure that they have all the attention. This fella here’s a rescue, so he loves to put on a show!”

[YP reaches down to his belt, pulling out some food and scattering it on the ground in front of him. The bird rushes forward, pecking away as he continues]

“These fellas have the attraction and the fashion built mainly for the lady birds. This guy starts to strut his stuff, and they all fall under his spell. The trick is though, it works both ways. Left alone he’ll call, bringing in all kinds of dangers as well. The danger that lurks in its fashionable feathers.”

[The masked wrestler turns to face the camera directly as the bird comes around]

“This fella here was left out for trash like an old piece of fashion by his owners. Abandoned by someone high up who held all the keys of luxury and vanished into the ether. Vanished like her own trend, emerging anew like a butterfly. New colors, a new name, a new life free from the tethers of the old.”

“But yet, something still remains. Despite all that Narcissa’s done to erase the past, to push forward with a new direction for OSW and for Arcadia itself, her roots still show. The faded feathers sneak out here and there, callings of old fashion and high blooded roots.”

“No matter what new shiny feathers you wear, no matter the amount of noise you make, the guise slips more and more. He knows now who you are. What you’re doing. What you’ve done. The guise you pushed around you, the Narcissa persona, is falling thin.”

“The predators has you locked on sight, and your days are already numbered.”

“It’s one of the main differences between you and I, like snakes and peacocks. The bird takes the center stage, luring in every single enemy into your sight and bringing the end to you. The reptile is more reserved, colorful but tactful. They can be patient, waiting for just the right moment to lunge out when you least expect it. All you see is a flash of yellow, and then fangs sinking in. It happens a lot faster than you’d think.”

[The Yellow Python pauses, looking back down to the abandoned peacock. He gently reaches down, scratching the head of the peacock.]

“Do me a favor, would you Narcissa? Come visit the poor fella here. He misses you something fierce. And best to say goodbye while you can.”

[The camera stays on the mesmerizing feathers as YP leaves the bird to call out into the Sanctuary]