Never For Her

In Destructo Boy, Promo by Destructo Boy

There’s this big shot on the upper floors, personal ties to Zeus, practically untouchable but from an outside view, no one would want to anyway.  Guy’s big on charity, gives to the community, helps the lesser fortuned, pure and honest soul who would give you the shirt off his back, real salt of the earth genuine good person who everyone loves but there’s just underlining stench of something not right that they all pretend to ignore.

You can stear clear of the obvious monsters all you want but the worst of them all is those who hide the vile corrosion in their so called hearts behind a veil of purity. Behind closed doors, there was a little girl who was terrified of her own home, trapped in a living nightmare with this so called paragon of virtue that was meant to protect her. And the worst thing is, all those people who vouched for his good name knew every little sordid detail and did nothing.

They looked past the mental and physical degradation of a defenseless child and brushed it off as a necessary evil. Another innocent thrown to the pile for the greater good. And the worst part is, all the abuse she suffered, was just tough love, making her stronger to survive the brutality of this world. But maybe that’s what fatherhood is, doing what you believe is right even when the truth screams bullshit.

Harold, I’m not going to claim you hurt your daughter or that you ever did anything but love her truly because there’s that deep pain in your eyes whenever anyone mentions her. But sometimes the darkness we exude into the world recoils and backlashes against those we love the most and your past is darker then most. A contract killer who worked directly for a violent sociopath who corrupts everything he has ever touched. 

How many families did you ruin Attano? How many children did you make orphans running along your little strings? Facts are facts, you built up a karmic debt that your daughter paid the price for. And when push came to shove, you couldn’t protect the one you loved the most. So go on, spew all your excuses. You were providing for your family, you were doing the best you could with the terrible hand you were dealt. You had no choice but to fall in line behind Zeus to protect her.

You Always Have a Choice.

Just like my father, you just chose to be a coward and ignore the consequences until it was too late. But unlike your daughter, I had someone who cared to save me. 

That little girl is awake from her permanent nightmare in the arms of people who will protect and love her like she deserves. Something I wish I could have given Michaela but maybe that little scar is the legacy of what you deserve.

This world needs to be better and Somebody needs to change it to bring it to the light.

As Nobody deserves the darkness.