In Promo by Starboy

Something so simple, like a flame can lead to grave consequences.

It can burn down people’s dwelling places.

Their mode of transportation could be engulfed in flames.

And more seriously, it could lead to death.

But with the right precautions, have the proper safety equipment and a properly laid out escape plan could help you avoid being engulfed and conquered by its fiery wrath.

But should all the right elements come into play, it is all but avoidable.

Fire is caused by what is commonly referred to the fire tetrahedron.

For a flame to live and ravage on, it needs three things:

Heat, fuel, and oxygen.

Heat is the first element that a fire needs.

The heat source is responsible for the initial ignition of the flame, and it helps in maintaining and enabling the fire to grow and spread.

The second element needed to start a fire is fuel.

It provides the fuel source for which a flame ignites and continues to burn. It is the mechanism that allows a fire to sustain.

Lastly, the third element is oxygen.

Oxygen causes the fire to ignite and supports the chemical process for which occurs during a fire.

There’s something sexy about fire that gets STARBOY’s temperature rising and all hot, and sweaty, and breathing heavy.

Just talking about has gotten him all worked up and he feels it in his burning loins.

For months, the three elements for the creation of fire have come together in Old School Wrestling.

The fire tetrahedron of OSW has been a thorn in The Rainbow Party’s side.

More specifically in the side of STARBOY.

Sir Renault you are the heat of the group. You are the instigator of the group, the fall guy, the one who likes to start shit and then run out the kitchen.

Sir Gable, you are the fuel of Vayikra. You continue to toss pieces of wood, paper, and anything else you can find at STARBOY but he keeps getting back up and moving forward one step at a time.

And you Sir Bellator, the leader of the group are the oxygen. You continue to fan the flames as it grows and continues to burn, as you sit back and watch your dirty work unfold.

The three of you have stoked the flames of The Rainbow Party for far too long and you have ignited a flame deep down inside of STARBOY.

You have lit a fire under my ass, and it’s the kind of pain STARBOY likes and it turns me on, and turns my temperature up to the umpteenth degree.

And there’s nowhere left for you to run and nowhere left for you to hide.

And he would love nothing more than to stick his LOVEstick into your holy bussy, and make you feel the scorching heat of his embers.

Engulfing you in his flames.

The only way to put STARBOY out is to put out, so get on your hands and knees like the good altar boys you are.

It’ll be our little secret, just call me “Father”.

STARBOYs cumming for you…

And he ALWAYS cums!!!