Mark of Fate

In Promo by Chronoa

It all began with a single mark.

A curse for the unforgivable sin of fratricide yet was undermined time and time again because they truly did not know what death was.

The first in a very long line of excuses from the monster known as Caine.

He wandered the wastelands, encountering scorn and hatred for the very few he met before harming them in a pure instinctual manner.

It was never his fault after all, it was the mark, it was God’s mistake, it was even the spirit of Abel messing with him beyond the grave.

And the ever present voice echoing inside his mind urging him to the place no sane individual would ever go.

The ruins of eden and the home of the mother of absolute evil

When all that lived there was a simple woman who evened the scales of existence.

Caine came to her ravenous and wild, begging for a way to get even with God so she offered a simple ritual of blood.

And as he injested, that little voice in his head he ignored for so long began echoing an angelic presence inside of him.

Begging and pleading with him to accept his sin and repent yet Caine would never for something that wasn’t his fault.

So one by one, the curses enveloped him. The fear of the flame, the desire for darkness and the need to infect and destroy all those around him.

All because he couldn’t accept the truth.

And I wonder Impaler, after all this time, if you even can handle it.

A endless plague of humanity that’s infected and destroyed countless innocent lives yet the single moment the tables are turned, you begin to cry wolf.

How many souls have you tortured and broken without a single thought Legion? Can you even count the bodies anymore or did you never truly care to begin with?

You decimate dozens, torment the righteous and are basically the reason poor little Sanctus is following in daddy’s footsteps, just like Lucifer would want.

Yet a few whispers and fantasies and I’m suddenly the big bad that you valiantly have to slay.

Oh sure, I mentioned Night City but did I force you to wander out into that dead relic and awaken something inside of you?

Did I wrap my hands around yours and make you kill poor Nfalgmir or was that simply the blood lust of a demon awakened?

Have I been purring horrific nothings inside your mind over the past month or is that simple millenia upon millenia of guilt slowly creeping up on you?.

Because just like Caine, you refuse to see the truth in the matter.

All he ever had to do was admit he murdered his brother.

And all you ever had to do to escape me Impaler, was walk away.

You may think I had strings implanted in your soul but you were a puppet of your own failings.

Because stripping away your own freedom was a choice I never made for you.

But what happens at Ring of Dreams, that you can forever blame on me.