That Which I Desire.

In Promo by Simon

A man walks alone on a cold winter’s night, straying further and further from a familiar trail.

The storm that blew in made the environment an unrecognizable one to the traveler, on account of the influx of snow.

The freezing temperature began to take its toll on the man, biting his extremities in a reminder of his own frailty.

He knew the only way to survive the night was to build a fire.

Out in this environment, however, in the dead of night…the fuel was hard to find.

Still, he was determined to survive by any means necessary.

So he set out to search as best he could for the materials needed for the task.

And eventually, he found them.

A pair of small rocks suitable for starting the fire.

Scraps of wood, twigs even, and even a tiny bit of dry brush were the fruit of his labor.

The man built his fire as best he could with what he had…and it was a rousing success.

He smiled upon his creation as the fire gave light not only to his surroundings, but to his soul.

His smile, however, quickly faded when he noticed a pair of glowing eyes out in the distance.

One pair quickly gave way to four, drawing closer to the fire he built.

And then, he saw what was staring him down.

A pack of wolves, snarling in hunger.

The man soon realized his fatal error.

His need to survive became a glowing target, drawing predators to their dinner.

And here in the Slaughterhouse, I see a man growing increasingly desperate to survive.

To stay relevant.

Luke Storm.

The man who was once the face of this place, a proud champion.

Reduced to serving the bidding of his alleged friends.

One of whom has taken the mantle of responsibility as the champion…and the other holding the key to taking it for herself.

How does it feel to be caught in the middle of the worst love story ever, Lucas?

A man and a woman so foolishly in love that they’ve left you to deal with all of their dirty laundry.

They’re practically begging you to help them clean up their messes.

Namely me.

You sit there building your fire, trying to survive by continuing to associate with the World Champion and his burning desire, who are blind to the coming danger.

See, ol’ Simon and his crew have been watching you try to be the anchor in these uncertain times…even as the fire starts to sputter out.

But unlike Zero and Pyre, you see what’s happening.

You can see the wolves coming.

And there isn’t a thing you can do to stop it, now.

What those lovers don’t realize is, losing the Tag Team Championship took away the fuel to the fire.

And now, I’m coming for that which I desire.

I’m going to snuff the fire that burns within you, Luke Storm.

And I’m going to let my crew pick at whatever’s left of you.