Hide and Seek

In Promo by Deathnote

“A group of kids gather around on a nice sunny day.”

“They huddle into a circle before all of them but one scattered in every direction.”

“The little boy that was left alone turns towards a tree and covers his eyes.”




“The other kids scurry about trying to find a nice hiding spot.”




“Everyone is out of sight now, tucked away in their nice little cubby holes.”





“The little boy uncovers his eyes and gives a look about, though he doesn’t see anyone.”

“He stalks about, searching around every corner.”

“Looking under every object..”

“He come across a barrel and looked inside..”

“AHA! Found you!”

“The little boy exclaimed as he tilted the barrel over so that his playmate would spill out onto the ground.”

“Giggles could be heard from another hiding spot.”

“The boy rushed over to find two more friends.. there was only one left to be found.”

“The boy search high and low but couldn’t uncover his last friend’s hiding spot.”

“He questioned the others, but they didn’t know of his whereabouts.”

“After looking for what seemed like hours on end, the little boy had come to the conclusion that his friend was staying on the move. Once one spot had been checked, the hider moved to another location. This gave the boy an idea.”

“He would use a zoning tactic, luring his friend into a near by garage. An area which had only one way in or out. And once his friend was inside the garage.. he would sneak in and close the door behind him.. making sure that his friend could not escape.”

“Soon enough, the game came to an end.”

“You see, Viper.. I like games just as well as the next man. We’ve been at this game of Hide and Seek for weeks, only for me to stumble upon the hiding spot of your snakes. Finding them is what led me to the altercation last week with Wiz.. but none of them seem to know of your whereabouts..”

“Much like the little boy, I came to a similar conclusion that you have been staying on the move as I seek, hoping from one hiding place to the next. But all roads lead us both towards Ring of Dreams.”

“The note you left with your pawn was touching. It means that you think you have a plan to be carried out at Ring of Dreams, but I’ve been leading you into this dead end the entire time.”

“At Ring of Dreams there is no escape. There’s one way in, and only one way out and I plan to cut you off from that ramp way and leave you stranded at my mercy just as the kid did his friend.”

“Because once you enter that ring, this little charade we’ve been engaged in comes to an end. You will give me back what is rightfully mine.”

“You will KNEEL before the God of the New World..”

“And I will behead the King Snake once and for all..”