In Promo by Tag

“So, in BDSM there’s a certain kind of activity we call flagellation.”

“I prefer to call it whipping, but that’s because I can’t spell flagellation through text.”

“Now, when it comes to whipping, there’s two ways to go about it. Either you can whip yourself, letting your skin burn beneath your own touch while you get off on the sting and fall in love with the burn…”

“Or you can feel your breath catch as someone does the whipping for you, letting you know just how much of a bad little boy you’ve been.”

“Now, the second choice there is the most common, right? They find someone who they want to control them, to push them around, and they submit to them fully.”

“Laid bare in the open, they’ll watch their skin get welted, melted, and pelted as that leather nine tailed whip leaves them nice and red with ecstasy.”

“Sure, their dom may love what they do, the moaning of a needy submissive beneath their boot…”

“But in the end, the person getting the most pleasure is the flagellant, the submissive little bitch boy who lets them paint their skin black and blue like the world’s weirdest blank canvas.”

“Vayikra, my God humping friends, it’s been what? A week since we let you whip Wiz around the ring?”

“Now, every time we meet I can’t help but look you guys and wonder when Sky Daddy Yaweh is gonna show up and give you the aftercare you’re wanting so badly.”

“Because as I see it? You guys are just a couple of whip-chasing flagellants to be. The whole world sits by and watches as you go out of your way to hurt and be hurt as you go about trying to appease the man in the sky you adore so much.”

“And, ya know, I’m pretty into the public kink, but at this point it’s just plain weird.”

“Every time my boot meets your face with a five star facial all I can hear is the breathy moans calling for Yaweh’s name.”

“Ether’s kicks are just whips on your skin as you accept the punishment all in the name of making your dom happy, hoping he sees you as perfect little subs who deserve his praise for taking these beatings.”

“But, like I said, it’s never the dom who gets the most pleasure out of the whipping.”

“It’s the sub.”

“If OSW is a BDSM dungeon then you two are gluttons for punishment. You walk in here every week taking your lashes from the roster day in and day out not because God wants you to…”

“But because you love the feeling of pain as you lay bare and submit yourselves to his will.”

“Submitting was never about pleasing him, was it? It was about pleasing yourselves.”

“But don’t worry, boys. I see what you’re doing and I don’t mind being one sexy fucking whip.”

“Now come here, take your lashes, and smile.”

“Because I’m about to make you see God.”

“So put your heads between my legs and kiss your win goodbye.”