In Promo by Wiz

Admittedly trapped in my own mind as of late, I’ve had some time to invest a little bit of my thinking time to a lot of interesting things.

Things that made me stoic, things that made me catatonic – and there was an awakening in me that ripped my goddamn heart in half.

I saw a war taking place – somewhere seemingly far in time. 

And there were aliens, man – but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at them because they looked just like us. You understood the differences and the threats that came with them by the feeling of dredge that would grip ahold of your bones.

And there were all of these politics that ignited this war, of course. There were bonds of trust that were broken, and true colors shined like rainbows after a fresh rainfall.

The motive behind these martians building a relationship with our kind was to find a way in. 

And at that moment they gained access, they networked with others in order to maintain some level of disguise as they roamed throughout our biosphere.

Fans, friendships, loyalty.

Don’t you get it?

saw the future of Vigour – and what was one eventually became a label – one that represented an earthly shift that we weren’t entirely prepared for.

May its fluorescence and approachability not fool you from what’s really going on – and it comes from a place where color doesn’t exist.

Fear not, motherfuckers.

saw the future – and aside from lacking on my own punctuality, what do you think this means?

Fuck it, I’ll tell you – it means that we are ahead of the game on the stew this Vigour’s got brewing. With just a little bit more intel, we’ll be as close as a tick on its ass – but the time to act is now.

Now, bitch.

We must begin to develop the appropriate tactics to our approach with this sinister invasion on our hands. It’s too late to worry – you can’t worry, they’re already in this motherfucker.

We let them in, Goddamnit.

So it’s up to us to not only be honest with ourselves with the fact that we could easily solved this earlier – had it not been for some leatherclad fuckfaces and bible-thumping assrags – but to also get ourselves in a position to where this merciless alien party doesn’t last another week.

I know my parties – and this ain’t the one, baby.

In fact, this Earth ain’t the one.

That’s right, this is my motherfucking Earth.

own this bitch, Jack – and I don’t trust you because I’ve seen what you become.

It’s scarier than anything even you’d imagine.

It’s a simple wave that transitions into a murderous hand – and that hand only gets stronger the closer it gets to us.

So you ain’t touchin’ me with that hand – don’t doubt me when I say that I’m not here to shake and move on with you.

The only option I have is to destroy you – to change the future.

It’s the only way that I can be certain of mankind…

It’s the only way that I can be certain of.. myself.