In Narcissa Balenciaga, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

Memories flicker like a flame on a candle.

The winds of time often make them disappear as if they never existed.

On a candle, the only reminder is melted wax.

On a human being, sometimes the only reminder is a scar.

Why do I bring this up?

Blaze, you are so fixated on this figure in the fire that you might have seen that you’re forgetting the reason you became like this.

Your wife, the pain of losing her is a pain you want to inflict on the person who caused this.

Believe me, if anyone understands that feeling, it’s me but I’m not that person, you need to understand why I do what I do if you can’t see that.

I’m not above murder, I can’t even pretend to be some innocent angel but I kill for a cause, I kill for a purpose bigger than you or me or your wife.

Before you came to OSW, I didn’t know who you were, you were like any of the people in the stands, I cared about you like I care about any other person but your life didn’t affect me or my goals in any shape or form.

Pointless murders are not my modus operandi.

I’m not as evil as you think I am and despite your transformation to Blaze, I still see a good man under the bandages.

That’s why I’m telling you to focus on the memories you have of her before that awful night because eventually every single memory you have will fade away and I’d rather you forget about the pain and hate than the love that made the loss hurt so much.

Even if I was the person that did that to you, would hurting or even killing me be worth it or would you realize it’s a temporary reprieve the moment you feel the loss again?

The pain you hold isn’t going away until your memory does. You can’t transfer it or make someone hold onto it for you. instead of trying to make it go away, cherish it, it means that the love you had for her was real.

Remember her, I’m sure there’s hundreds of good memories that trump that one bad night.

Remember the best moments you had together.

The first time she said I love you.

The moment you thought she was the one.

Her walking down the aisle.

When you welcomed your son to the world.

The love that made everything you did in this life worth it.

Let those memories be the flames that light your bath, not the one that gets doused in the gasoline of hate and vengeance.

Eventually, you’ll have none of these memories and the sad truth is those scars from that fire will last longer than your time with her.

Don’t bury her memory in ashes like you buried your lair.

Let her memory blaze your path, not burn your way.

When that last wind of time blows, remember her, make sure your final flicker of memory is a good one.

Remember you had true love, leave vengeance to me.