I Know the Pieces Fit

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“What happens when someone you want dead manages to survive your murder attempt?”

“What would you do if that poor victim decides that you’re public enemy number one and wants you to suffer the same fate he nearly did?”

“You’d probably flip the fuck out. You tried your best to eliminate any and all traces of this person, only to have them return as a monster of a man that wants nothing more than to see you take the grave you dug for him.”

“With that knowledge in hand, what can you do to prevent him from getting what he wants? Send an army of convicted felons his way in the hopes that they might be able to finish the job? Keep running for the rest of your life and pray that he gives up before you perish?”

“Or will you finally face the justice seeker head on and accept your upcoming demise like you should’ve done when he emerged from your attempts to kill him alive?”

“I expect an answer, Narcissa. After all, the person asking these questions is the one you tried to have reduced to ashes. You should at least try to humor him with an explanation.”

“You and your Uprising target anyone that helped Zeus and the APD, regardless of how much time has passed or if they even help him anymore.”

“So who’s to say that you didn’t try to take down the legendary hero when he retired and attempted to live a peaceful life? I was vulnerable then and you had to send a message to the leader of Arcadia somehow, so going after me would accomplish just that.”

“It has to be you that burned down my home and ruined the lives of me and my family, Narcissa. You’re the only one with opportunity and motive to accomplish a nefarious crime like this.”

“What you didn’t count on was one of your cronies not hitting me hard enough to keep me out cold. You didn’t count on me waking up and swearing to find the person responsible for the whole thing.”

“It might’ve taken me the better part of a year to turn into the best version of myself, but I’ve finally embraced it. Now that I’ve done so, you’re going to pay with your life.”

“However, I’m not going to take it as an act of revenge. I don’t even plan on ending your movement in Zeus’s name. No, I plan on doing so for the sake of balancing the scales.”

“You’ve caused so much chaos with the Uprising by your side. So many lives were taken by you and your group that you need to be stopped before more can be claimed. If those felons want to get involved too, then I’ll be more than happy to end their lives too.”

“Violence only begets violence, Narcissa. When we meet in that ring, not only will I balance the scales of justice, I will also end the Uprising and your reign as champion.”