For Want.

In Promo by Simon

A group prepares for war, gathering an army of the best men they can find.

These are the strongest, the bravest, the wisest to serve their leader.

Each man plays an important role in the success of their army and the opportunity for victory.

And each man prepares for the journey into battle that awaits them, collecting their weapons and mounting upon their horses.

Eager to besiege their foe’s territory, the army rides ever closer to their destination.

The opposing side is in sight.

The army draws forward, ready to fight.

And then they charge.

But there is something wrong.

For you see, essential to a horse’s travel is the set of shoes they wear.

And these shoes require the use of nails to keep secure.

And unbeknownst to the army, hidden under the hoof of one of these horses is a shoe with a missing nail.

Thus sparks the chain reaction of events to come.

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost.

With the shoe in disrepair, so too was the horse.

With the horse is disarray, the rider stood no chance.

As the rider fell, so too did the army.

One by one, they fell to the sheer might of their well-prepared foe.

And all because of a missing nail.

One crucial, seemingly unimportant little oversight that cost the army everything.

Forced to retreat and regroup, the army left behind the man that cost them this battle…and he was overtaken by the enemy.

Look at this army advancing upon us.

Each man eager to wage war, ready to destroy us.

Or at least, to try.

They have prepared their weapons for battle, and ride upon their horses to our territory.

But there is something wrong, and it will cost them everything.

One of these men is missing something dear to them.

There is an Author of Death riding amongst you, and he is missing his book.

Try as he might to march on without it, the fact it’s disappeared is eating him up inside.

Deathnote rides on toward the upcoming battle, hoping the rest of his compatriots won’t notice the underlying issue.

But the moment you charge toward us, that missing book will come back to haunt you.

You’ve rode in on a horse with a broken shoe.

Deathnote will fail, and he will fall, knowing that without his book he is lost.

And the men he rides into battle with will recognize this fatal flaw, and abandon him to survive.

Losing the battle, they will ride off to fight another day.

Leaving only an Author without his precious book.

And a full-fledged battalion ready to tear him apart.

And ol’ Simon will be standing there, a smile on his face as it happens.

Because unlike you, O Author of Death, I make sure my strategy is airtight.

No missing details, just a brilliant mind that is steps ahead.

And I can see where your downfall stems.

For want of a book, the Author is lost.