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Misplaced faith is a dangerous thing.

Think about it, people are inherently built to place their faith in something. Some people take an item of some kind, and put their completely trust into it. What that item is can vary between people, but we all do it.

Look at our opponents this week.

Deathnote places his faith in that book of his. In his mind, its written gospel. Whatever name and date he reads in that book is going to happen. Period.

Sigil places his faith in his collection. Whether it be Legacy or his crystals, he places all of his trust and security in them always being able to bail him out of any situation. And they always have, haven’t they?

Corvus places his faith in death itself. He looks to the grunge god as the absolute beginning and end of his being. It drives his every action, and despite his failures does not tighten the garrote.

Even Big Z falls into this. He degrades himself all in the name of getting his ultimate prize. His faith is in Simon, that he’s going to do the right thing.

The truth is that by placing your faith into something external, you give away something. It turns your strength into weakness, and makes you prone to being defeated when that item inevitably fails you.

But my team?

We don’t place faith in any items or external forces. We’ve learned, the hard way, that it never works out.

Our faith is in ourselves.

Even the masked zealot. He knows his god doesn’t exist, but he pushes himself further and further in order to bring about the world he wants to see. That’s faith in his own ass, man.

Simon’s faith is in his ability to outsmart everyone. He bets on himself, and that slimy sumbitch seems to always come out on top because of it.

Luke Storm… Everyone knows what he’s capable of. And it’s because he has a supreme faith in himself to succeed against any odds.

And me? I bet on myself when I walked into OSW. I destroyed Wonderland. I took that briefcase. I’ve taken everything I wanted, time and time again, because I have faith in myself to get the job done. Every damn time.

Because my faith is in myself to get the fucking job done. Not in some book, a bunch of knick-knacks, a god, or even that fuckwit Simon. Every single one of those will fail at some point, because they’re either inanimate objects or people that don’t give one iota about you.

This week is going to be a showcase of what happens when lost souls put their faith in the wrong place. Because me and my partners are going to run roughshod over all of their ideals, their energies, and their faith.

That’s why all of your misplaced faith is going to burn this week, in effigy to it not being placed correct. Because when you strip it all away, I know that I will be the last woman standing.

All that remains.