Force Feeding

In Promo by Ether

We find ourselves inside a kitchen of some sort where a mysterious, albeit fat figure is seen tenderizing some kind of meat. Sitting bound and unconscious opposite of him is Ether, who slowly starts coming to at the repetitious sound of pounding.

“What… happened?” she thinks aloud. The sudden noise causes the obese silhouette to turn around. With a soft laugh, they grab the food start moving towards the Bad Random at a menacingly slow pace.

“So you’re the Hungry Girl,” they say in a husky, masculine voice. “I’ve been waiting so long to meet you.”

As he approaches, Ether notices something laying on the counter where the man once stood. In her groggy state, she can’t quite make out exactly what it is. However, she knows that it can’t be good.

“Do you know how painful it was for me that I never got to see you in person? Even though it didn’t hurt me physically, it hurt my soul that I never got to see you enter this world.”

The man strokes Ether’s hair, which she attempts to shake off but to no avail. The shady chef laughs at her futile resistance and pulls his hand away from her scalp.

“But what pained me more than that was seeing you not eat all your food. A ‘Hungry Girl’ has to eat everything on her plate, even if it seems like too much to handle.”

Just then, the unknown assailant shoves some of the mystery meat into Ether’s mouth. She sputters and coughs as the slab of foodstuff forcibly enters her esophagus, which only encourages the cook to push it in even harder. Eventually the man withdraws the cut from her mouth, leaving her to gasp for air as the stranger growls, disgusted.

“What’s wrong with the meat? Is it too spicy? Perhaps I blackened it too much?”

He scarfs down some of the meat as Ether starts to come to her senses. As she does, she notices exactly what’s behind her tormentor, causing her eyes to widen and mouth to drop.

It’s the dead body of Wiz. It’s been gutted and cleaned from the inside. The entrails show signs of being smashed and molded into a kind of ground meat for grilling. The Bad Random gags as she realizes what she nearly ate.

“I think it tastes like chicken.” The man laughs heartily as he steps closer to the light, revealing his true self to the captive Hungry Girl.


Ether shakes her head to confirm that she’s not dreaming. Sure enough, before her stands the walking, decomposing corpse of Dante Wallace.

“In the flesh,” her grandfather says. “And you’re my starving little granddaughter who needs to eat her food.”

He prepares the slab of Wiz meat for Ether, who attempts to squirm free from her restraints to no avail.

“So do me a favor,” Dante begins, “and eat what you’re given. A hungry girl’s got to eat, remember?”

Dante stuffs his granddaughter’s mouth with food again, muffling Ether’s screams of terror as she’s forced to devour her former friend.