In Promo by SeeSaw

[Darkness. Door creaks open.]

“Welcome to Room 538.”

[Door slams shut. One lightbulb, hanging by a string, half-illuminates the space. SeeSaw stands next to the closed door and stares at a beautiful workbench with every accoutrement you could ask for as a woodworker.]

“In here, the greatest toy of this generation will be made. And we’ve chosen you to play a crucial role in that process.”

[A huge grin starts to form on SeeSaw’s face, as he starts to applaud the mysterious intercom voice. In fact, he’s absolutely beside him.]

“You… picked me?”

[Another hanging lightbulb turns on to expose a massive shelf that’s full of all of his creations – straight out of his wonderful Toy Box.]

“They’re all here to watch you make history. We’ve also taken into consideration the sacrifice and compromise that goes into creating something like this, and we hope that the arrangement of state-of-the-art apparatuses will provide ease throughout this process.”

[SeeSaw can’t help himself. He skips over to the workbench and starts marveling over all of the equipment.]

“Rotary dremel, framing and roofing nailers, cordless jig and circular saws – I’m at a loss of words.”

“That’s what we anticipated. This is all about you, SeeSaw. Are you ready to make history?

[This affects SeeSaw so greatly that he decides to salute.]

“Yes. Yes I am.”

“Affirmative. Begin.”

[Two mechanical tentacles reach out from the workbench and yank Mr. Make Believe backfirst onto the building platform. SeeSaw tries to fight for a second, even managing to pull one of the tentacles away temporarily – only for it to latch back on with even more firmness.]

“You gave life to this workbench, and then neglected it. There was a time when this was all you had, and the things that you built were your family – until you found a better family.”

“That’s not true! I am doing what I have to do – and just what in the world do you think you’re doing?”

[There’s silence initially, until all of SeeSaw’s creations start to remove themselves from the shelves. This initially makes SeeSaw furious. The intercom breaks the silence.]

“We are doing what have to do, Andrew.”

“And just what do you think all of you are doing?” SeeSaw hollers at his toys. “You listen to DADDY, and go back where you belong. I also don’t typically do my work while laying flat on my workbench.”

[Suddenly, the jigsaw that’s clamped between his feet turns on.]

“That’s because, you’re the toy. These little creations of yours are tired of being left by the roadside, and it’s time for their voices to be heard.”

[The jigsaw starts screaming its battle cry and automatically moves towards SeeSaw.]

“Okay, just listen for a second.”

[That’s when a buzzing starts to occur directly above SeeSaw’s head – an automated circular saw, of course.]

“Don’t worry. This will be painless, and your legacy will remain untouched on a shelf forevermore – just like all of your creations.”

[SeeSaw insists.]

“No, just listen to me for one second. I can change! I can ch—”

[The gnarly sound of metal and bone is followed by a splatter of blood against the backsplash of the workbench.]