In Promo by Sir Gable

Long before I stepped into the doors of OSW, I was still a kid struggling to make some money.

Being the best amateur in the world doesn’t really pay the bills so I took a lot of odd jobs just to make ends meet.

A few of those were in construction.

Most of it was building new homes for people moving into the neighborhood.

From laying down the foundation to handing over the keys, I got to see the whole process of making a house.

It usually took about seven months but what I’ve realized over the years is no matter how long it takes to make something a house, it takes a lot longer to make something a home.

Outside of the house I was raised in, nothing has felt like home, just walls holding up a roof.

When you don’t have the rose-tinted glasses of a place feeling like home, you start to notice all the little flaws, all those little red flags that make you thankful that you’re renting this crumbling abode rather than owning it.

However, when you make a place your home, you put all your hopes and dreams in it, have everything the way you like, in an orderly fashion that just feels right, when you do notice that first flaw, it’s a gut punch.

It’s a wake-up call that everything you built, everything you made, your perfect home is not so perfect and all your time and effort was wasted.

It is the constant reminder that even when you do everything right, something is bound to go wrong.

Something is bound to just be off-kilter no matter how good your plans are.

Even when your foundation is set in stone, the cracks will always appear.

Haven’t you realized that Chronoa?

Even when you rely on the perfect foundation of fate, divine intervention can destroy the sturdiest of houses.

OSW is the crack you can’t ignore.

It is etched into your mind and everyday you try to patch it up.

You try to fill in the constant reminder that the very thing you rely on, where you put your pride and joy into, was never that stable to begin with.

Yet, you ignore so many other cracks that the gods put in your walls, that I’m surprised your false belief in fate is still held up at all.

Countless men have been bound by the chains of death, the one thing more reliable than fate herself.

Yet, when a few broke those chains, your foundation started to break down.

When Lazarus got resurrected, Yahweh took a sledgehammer to your foundation.

When Jesus came back, an earthquake tore apart your walls.

Yet, you still made sure to build that home back up.

Lazarus died eventually, Jesus returned home.

You somehow made the home stand.

However, I’m the crack that’s breaking your house now and with OSW distracting you, I’ll make sure you’ll never get the chance to make fate stand again.

If I can come back, Yahweh surely will.

Fate be damned, your house will crumble and his will take its place.