Four in the Morning.

In Promo by Kenny Freeman

A dark, quiet bedroom.

Dark except for a single glimmer of light.

And the quiet is broken by the occasional laugh, bordering on a cackle.

Not from a witch, or demon, or ghoul…just a man, enjoying his late night binge watching.

The closer we get, the more clear the picture becomes, revealing videos on the Internet.

An endless feed of humor, sorrow, and everything in between…right at the man’s fingertips.

A man of impeccable taste and culture.

Kenny Freeman.

Laying on his bed, swiping up on his screen, soaking in every video for the shot of dopamine it provides.

And after hours of being on this device, the man is on an emotional high…until he reaches a dead end.

A channel unfamiliar with the influencer, catching him off guard with a screamer that unsettles him.

Kenny immediately locks the screen of his phone, deciding he’s had quite enough of the app for one night before taking a quick glance for a time check.

“Holy hell.”

Four in the morning.

Kenny groans, setting his phone on the bed before pulling the blanket over his face as he tries to force himself into slumber.

Bzzt. Bzzt.

The buzzing of his phone puts a premature end to the proceedings, as Kenny mutters to himself while grabbing his phone to check the notification.

“I thought I put this on DND, what the…”

Kenny stops himself at the sight of the notification on the screen, a text message from an unknown number…and boy, is it creepy.


Kenny lets in a gulp of air as he locks the screen again, shivering thanks to in part to a sudden draft in his room…but mostly, because of the message.

Setting his phone back down on the floor beside him, Kenny pulls the blanket back up as he stares up at the ceiling, waiting to drift into sleep.

But the moment never comes.

Bzzt. Bzzt.

Kenny’s eyes widen in fear as he turns over to his stomach, tapping the phone screen to reveal another text message.


Kenny starts to panic as he checks the time…but not a minute has passed.

Four in the morning.

Kenny mouth goes dry, the moisture seemingly escaping his pores as he starts sweating profusely.

Dropping his phone on the floor, Kenny rises from his bed to head to the bathroom…but the light doesn’t come on.

And without his phone, Kenny finds himself trapped in darkness…until he sees it.

The face from the video, staring back at him in the mirror with a wicked grin.

And then it speaks.

“Kennyyyy…come out and plaaaaaaaaay…”

Kenny tries to scream, but no sound comes out…only a rocket.

It flies toward the mirror, shattering it…and then he wakes up.

Back in his bed, a thin layer of sweat on his face.

Kenny checks the time on his phone.

Four in the morning.

Kenny sighs in relief…until he hears that voice again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, lemme introduce…the Freeman Blaster!”