In Promo by Starboy

“Remember… the safe word is harder.”

We find ourselves within the confines of a palatial suite, lavish in decoration and layout.

A shadow appears, with what appears to be a weapon of sorts, twirling it round and round.

The figure appears from the shadows, dressed in white BDSM straps, their face covered with a white, studded gimp mask.

They raise a spiked, dagger like, phallic looking object into the air and slowly extend it forward.

In front of them, an unidentifed male, wearing black leather straps, suspended from the ceiling by their wrists and their legs spread and tied to metal posts.

The first male caresses him from head to toe with his spiked phallus, gripping him by the throat with his free hand.

He reaches down and picks up a thumbtack covered dildo attached to a power drill.

The restrained man’s eyes widen with fear, sweat dripping from his forehead.

“Shhh… the best is yet to come.”

A blood curdling scream echoes throughout the room.

All we see is the wall, colored red by the lighting. And a shadow repeatedly shoving the power drill upwards. The sounds of the drill whirring and spinning with each thrust pierces through the room.

“AHHHH… Harder!”


“STOP! Please!”



The shadowy scene turns violent as the man in white removes the power drill and repeatedly strikes the other with it. Blood splatters across the walls.


Several figures appear as shadows against the wall standing behind the man in white. His white leather and body covered in blood.

“You’re late!” He says.

He slowly grips the bottom of his blood stained mask and slowly lifts it up.


The figures emerge from the shadows, three of them dressed in black leather like the bloody victim still tied up, motionless, his head disfigured from the bludgeoning.

“STARBOY couldn’t wait any longer so he…”

One wraps his hand around STARBOY’s throat while another places a plastic bag over his head, securing it with duct tape.

STARBOY flails around before being hogtied at the hands and feet with tape.

The leader of the three snaps his fingers. One makeshifts a noose out of the tape while the other starts powering up the bloodied drill.

Over and over.

Deeper and deeper.

The leader takes a step back and kicks STARBOY’s head like a punter kicking a football.

(Muffled sounds)

The leader motions to the man with the noose and he lets go. The leader grabs STARBOY by the face and pokes a hole in the bag. STARBOY desperately gasps for air.

“The fuck you say?”




The leader kicks him repeatedly while the other has him in a bulldog choke. The third maliciously shoves the drill up his chocolate starfish.

The three, exhausted, pause for a moment as STARBOY twitches and shakes, with a grin on his face.

They grip him by the hair and lift him up.

STARBOY pants a few times, the grin never leaving his face, “STARBOY always… cums…”

Two of the men lift STARBOY off the floor.

The leader pulls out a handgun and points it at him.