In Promo by Wiz

Friendship is like a really good car.

You honor the shit out of it.

You use that hard-earned money of yours to keep that car maintained – showroom quality – and you take every opportunity that you can to show that car off. There isn’t an ounce of shame in you while behind this steering wheel because you believe in it. You’re there when its driven out of the dealership, shined up and pretty, and you’re also there when salt has rusted out the underbody.

Do you soak money in the motherfucker? Of course.

Anything that deserves to be a thing gets what it wants – and you know why?

Because that car will honor the shit out of you too.

It will get you to all of the places you need to get to – to the record store to pick up a few of my uncle’s records as a tribute to his greatness – to the dark places where the freaks squat – you will be at ease in knowing that in moments where you start to find yourself slumping off into the wilderness a bit, it’ll stay with you and redirect your course.

Of course, you also need that specific feature in your vehicle – then again, a good car is like a really good friendship.

It takes time in understanding it – trusting it.

And in a way, it has to trust you as well.

A well maintained vehicle – where there’s a link of trust and of security – will fight the good fight until it can’t anymore and in the event that it fucking fails entirely? It will sacrifice itself to do everything in its god damn power to keep you secure.

This car here of ours – it’s nice, isn’t it guys?

We’ve done a damn good job keeping it together, you know? Who would have ever thought flash-forward to now that we’d be here

Whatever the fuck that is at this point, ya’dig?

Fact is, we made it.

All of those goddamn years of making and breaking out there with the rest of those sleezy scumbags that had completely lost their identities – when the smoke got a little too thick when the action was there.

But you know who got through it with bloody knuckles and bruised bonesWe did.

But it didn’t come without anger, failure, the tops and the bottoms – we had to do a lot of things to put ourselves in the position that we’re in now – not excluding beating the shit out of each other. We’ve taken this vehicle down paths that we didn’t agree on – and all three of us have nearly sent this vehicle off a fuckin’ mountain on more than one occasion –

But through the wars, the battles, the first times and the last times – we remained as a unit.

This right here? It’s just another path that gotta take with the ole’ vehicle, baby.

I ain’t looking to fuck yall’ up – just like I didn’t back in the day. Even though… we know what the outcome of those fights were.

But this is just something that we gotta do, ya’dig?

Let’s roll.