Can Control

In Promo by Ether

“If you want to be a good tagger, there’s more you have to possess than a spray can and a wall.”

“You have to make that can your bitch when it’s in your hands. You need proper can control when painting that wall, or else you’re just making a mess.”

“You’ll want to grab the damn thing firmly in your palm and shake it up before using it. Give it a few test sprays away from the wall in order to find the right color and consistency.”

“Keep your arm straight and wrist tight so it doesn’t waver in directions you don’t want it to. Unless you want your work to look misty and unrefined, you have to make sure it stays straight so you can make straight lines and clear shapes.”

“Move with your can so you can possess more control over it. You’ll make cleaner lines that way and make it easier on yourself than if you were just moving your arm.”

“There’s a bit more to consider, like your distance from the wall and types of caps, but the three tips I just gave are more paramount to a good piece than anything else I can offer right now.”

“Tag and Wiz are like spray cans. that you have to control. If you let them do their own thing like I did last month, they’re going to go in directions that you don’t want them to.”

“Like at each other’s throats, for instance. If I hadn’t regained control over them when I did, Jet Set Radio would’ve been killed off right then and there.”

“I had to shake them up and get them back in fucking line in order to shift their focus on more important things. Like saving my ass from a certain group of bad motherfuckers that still aren’t over the death of a piece of human shit.”

“They weren’t moving with me, so I didn’t have the greatest control over them at the time. I only had them at arm’s length, which made my influence over them weaker.”

“But now that they’re by my side once more, I’m going to make absolutely fucking sure that they don’t ever think about pulling another stunt like that again.”

“I get it Wiz, Bootsy is terminally ill and you’d do whatever it take to save his live.”

“I also understand you, Tag. Friends don’t turn turn their backs on one another no matter the reason.”

“But because of your short sighted desires, our friendship was nearly destroyed and I nearly got killed by a Z lister and his fiery whore of a compatriot.”

“So at Fuck the World two seventy one, I’m going to shake you two up before spraying you both all over the ring.”

“I’m going to move around with you two so I possess more control over the both of you. With my arm straight and wrist tight, I’m going to make sure you never sway away from me ever again.”

“Let’s make some art in that ring, boys.”