Give A Little Whistle

In Promo by Viper Roberts

Pinocchio tells the story of a little wooden puppet who’s dream it is to be entirely human.

When his maker wishes upon a falling star, he desires that Pinocchio will one day become a real boy.

That night, a fairy appears and grants him his wish by bringing the puppet to life – albeit in his wooden form.

Before Pinocchio can truly become a real boy, he must first prove himself worthy of his maker’s wish being granted.

To keep the little puppet on the straight and narrow path, the fairy appoints a pint-sized cricket by the name of Jiminy to serve as the puppet’s conscience.

She promises that if both pass the test, she will reward them upon her next return.

At first, Pinocchio and Jiminy adjust to their newly assigned roles handsomely. One day, however, Pinocchio stumbles across a wily swindler by the name of Honest John who immediately feeds the puppet’s appetite to rebel.

The naïve and trusting Pinocchio falls immediately into the clutches of the scheming fox, who wins favour with the puppet’s conscience, despite the cricket’s best attempts to thwart it.

John leads Pinocchio to Pleasure Island, a theme park designed to entice mischievous young boys into temptation, where Pinocchio is soon led astray by his carnal desires to such an extent that the island exposes his innermost traits for all to see.

For creatures such as yourself, Kaine Knightlord, Old School Wrestling presents to you like an appetising slice of that isle of pleasure, does it not?

Just as it served those naughty little children in the fairy tale of old, The Slaughterhouse exists as an island which empowers men and women from far and wide who have been ferried to its shores to explore their deepest and darkest misdeeds.

Like that crafty old fox, Honest John, its grand structure has a cunning and deceitful way of inviting you into its four walls without fear of judgement, care or consequence.

By its very definition it feeds on your weaknesses, wishing upon you like a star to relapse; drowning out the little cricket on your shoulder that pleads with you to make the best choices; whom gently whispers the sound advice in your shell-like that stifles your cravings and starves away your hunger.

By achieving this, it inspires the primordial yearning inside that urges you time and time again to feast on the delicious offerings at your disposal.

Joanna Williams, whom your voracious palate simply couldn’t resist satiating.

Honest John turned Pinocchio’s little wooden head, Kaine, just as the beast within you turns yours.

Try as you might, you will only suppress the veil that masquerades your true inner self for so long.

Greed, and your requirement to gain your covetous fill will always prevail and your head, like the puppet, Pinocchio, will turn forevermore at the mere suggestion of misdemeanour and transgression.

At Fuck The World, all you need to do, Kaine, is give a little whistle and your conscience will be your guide.

Pucker up and blow, and if your whistle’s weak? Just yell Viper Roberts…

…and the Snake’s will cut your head off.