Go for the Head

In Jackson Cade, Promo by Jackson Cade

“How does one kill a man?”

“There’s many ways to answer the question, aren’t there?”

“I’ve seen death a hundred different ways, each gorier than the last and in the back of my mind I always wonder why the perpetrator is so inefficient, so cruel.”

“Say you wish to end someone’s life. You could stab at them, bring your knife into their stomach over and over again until after ten, twenty, fifty wounds they finally stop moving. You can slit their wrists and bleed them dry as they try to run for help.”

“One could even beat them unconscious and assault them over and over again with blunt force trauma until the body eventually gives out. Legs giving away, arms broken, ribs shattered.”

“Yet, with all of these options in front of you, the only way I’ve been taught to end someone’s life when the time calls for it?”

“Is to aim for the head.”

“One shot, one kill.”

“If you hit center mass they may survive. If you nail their throat they might still recover.”

“Yet if you strike their brain? Everything shuts down, their organs all fail, and nothing can be done to save them.”

“Nothing survives without its head.”

“The Uprising is a terrifying force that’s been storming Arcadia for months it seems and everyone is asking how to stop them in their tracks. And it seems like everyone, even myself, is going about this the wrong way. We all have our petty squabbles, we’re trying to tear the Uprising apart one member at a time.”

“Cutting and beating it slowly until it, hopefully, bleeds out.”

“But we don’t need to do that, do we Narcissa?”

“Because you’re the head.”

“The brain that controls the Deathrow members and the mastermind behind it all. I just need to beat you down, don’t I? Without you to unite them, they would all fall apart. Organs failing one by one without you to control them. You know that too, don’t you? You can replace members, heal wounds, mend broken bones.”

“Yet if I were put a bullet between your eyes then the Uprising would die with you.”

“See, we were placed into a match together and while I may not be able to apprehend you now by the laws of OSW, I can certainly brutalize you within an inch of your life, can’t I?”

“Because I’ve learned, Narcissa.”

“I can’t beat Jasper Redgrave into submission without him healing up and trying to return to his horrid ways. The bullet in his shoulder from the captain should’ve gone right between his eyes.”

“If it had, he would never kill again.”

“And now with the Uprising? I’m going to put what I’ve learned to the test.”

“Because I’m going to destroy you, Narcissa. One shot, one kill. A Hostile Down to your skull and you’ll drop to the ground.”

“The Uprising in shambles as I go right for the head.”

“No one is above the Law, Narcissa.”

“And I am the Law.”