For Glory

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“People who do good deeds aren’t always doing so to lift their spirits. For some people, feeling satisfied isn’t satisfying enough.”

“No, they’d much rather perform acts of helpfulness and kindness in order to boost their image or to earn debts from the people they saved. Many of these so called ‘nice people’ are really doing things like that for their own benefit and nobody else’s.”

“Narcissists wouldn’t care if you got hurt or humiliated otherwise. Unless it gives them some sort of edge over you and gives their self-image a boost, they’re just as happy to leave you to rot. Take Maxwell as an example.”

“He might’ve appeared like the heroic type of man, but don’t allow his reputation to dissuade you. That selfless and kind persona he equipped was a farce, a way to convince people that he wasn’t in it for the glory and fame.”

“In order to become a legend, he sought out people with massive reputations to solve their problems. He fought for the higher class and dealt with those that threatened their rule, which were mostly Slum dwellers that sought a better livelihood.”

“All he wanted was to rise to the top of Arcadia, regardless of whose toes he stepped on along the way. With a mentality like that, is it any surprise that the arsonist targeted him when he let his guard down?”

“Maxwell reminds me of you, Ken. When you set foot in Olympus for the first time, you presented yourself as a humble and heroic individual that was willing to help save a young woman from being humiliated in the middle of a packed crowd.”

“You fought off Spiros and showed him what Olympic level karate can accomplish. The audience might’ve been impressed with what they saw, but I witnessed something completely different than them. What I saw was a man who wore out his fifteen minutes of fame try to get back into the good graces of Arcadians by inserting himself somewhere he doesn’t belong.”

“That heroic deed you performed at Invasion was a mockery of actual noble efforts. There was nothing substantial behind it. You didn’t save Demi Sky because you saw her in trouble, you did it to garner publicity for yourself and your dojo.”

“You did it to regain the glory that you once held fifteen years ago when you won that bronze medal.”

“Who I am now burns through narcissistic bullshit. I’m a real hero that behaves nothing like Maxwell or yourself. I don’t do what I do for the sake of praise or carry favors over people.”

“I do it to bring true justice to Arcadia. That justice will see me destroying your ill gotten reputation and your dojo. When we meet in the ring, I’m going to ruin you.”

“I’m going to destroy everything you worked so hard to build up and leave you in Olympus a broken man.”

“I will fulfill my duty, Ken. On Monday, I will balance the scales of justice.”